The 99th Divorce Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Wet All Over
Chapter 265: Wet All Over
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At dinner, although Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were sitting opposite each other, no one spoke first. Nanny Rong also noticed that something was off. Actually, everything was off. However, wasn't everything fine when they walked out of the house in the afternoon?

After dinner, Su Qianci insisted on washing the dishes. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Nanny Rong let her. After Su Qianci washed all the dishes, it was past 7 PM. Nanny Rong did some cleaning, and it was about time for her to go home.

Sitting on the couch, Li Sicheng was replying to the urgent documents that Cheng You had sent over. So quiet that it seemed nothing was different. However, Nanny Rong still felt a bit anxious.

"Nanny Rong, you should go home now." Su Qianci smiled and dried her hands.

Nanny Rong thought about it and whispered to Su Qianci, "When you're unhappy, let it out on your husband, and then everything will get better."

Su Qianci couldn't help smiling and nodded. After Nanny Rong was gone, Su Qianci directly went upstairs without disturbing Li Sicheng. She took a shower and went to bed, quickly falling asleep. With the intense sex in the morning, Su Qianci not only felt tired in the body, but also at heart. It was said that when one was worn out, one was prone to have nightmares.

Su Qianci did not know whether she was having a nightmare. She saw Li Sicheng lying in an abandoned warehouse with his eyes closed and his hands tied in the back. Some dynamite was tied to his chest. The flames were burning, making everything look red. The cracking sounds were all over the warehouse.

Seeing that, Su Qianci burst into tears and fearlessly went to Li Sicheng, trying to wake him up. However, he was still completely unconscious. Taking the dynamite off him, she used all her strength to take him out. Li Sicheng did not wake up. And Su Qianci's sight was blurred by the heavy smoke. She almost used up her strength to push him out of the fire. However, her eyes were more and more groggy. Vaguely, Su Qianci saw a figure walking toward her. The figure wanted to wave her hand and shout, but she could barely make any sound. What was that person trying to say?

Su Qianci's heart ached as she cried, "Help him Please"

Aroused by her voice, Li Sicheng found Su Qianci was wet all over. Her fists were clenching, as if she was grabbing something. Her face covered in tears, she kicked her legs like a helpless child, desperate and sad.

Li Sicheng held her tight and patted her on the back, whispering, "It's okay. I'm here."

Su Qianci cried even harder in his arms, saying unconsciously, "It's not her. It's me Mr. Li"

Mr. Li She was calling him that again. Her voice was full of fear and distance. Why did she call him that? Li Sicheng never understood.

Su Qianci calmed down. However, she was still drenched in cold sweat. Her body wet and hot against his, Li Sicheng felt his loins were warm. However, her words next suddenly made him feel suffocated.

"I'm sorry, Mr. LiI did not mean to fall for you. I'm sorry"

Her sobs sounded full of sorrow. It was late, but Li Sicheng did not feel like sleeping anymore. Cuddling her silently, he tightened his arm.