The 99th Divorce Chapter 268

Chapter 268: This Guy Is Doomed
Chapter 268: This Guy Is Doomed
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Seeing Song Yifan's dramatic reaction, Su Qianci swallowed back her other words.

Noticing that he had dropped the knife, Song Yifan felt a bit embarrassed. Blushing, he quickly bent over to pick the knife up. As he got up, he knocked his head on the glass coffee table, making a thump.

Su Qianci was startled and asked, "Are you okay?"

Song Yifan was mortified, his cheeks as read as the first time he went on the stage. Song Yifan shook his head, but Su Qianci let out a yelp gazing at his hand. Song Yifan looked down and saw blood flowing on his hand.

Accidentally, he had taken the knife the wrong way, facing the blade to his palm. It did not hurt much, but Su Qianci reached out to take the knife from him and said, "You need to be more careful"

Su Qianci was sitting opposite Song Yifan, and since the coffee table was not wide, Su Qianci could easily reach his hand. Spreading his fingers, Su Qianci saw Song Yifan's entire palm was bloody, looking a bit scary.

Li Sicheng felt slightly jealous, but then took pity on Song Yifan who was being as happy as a clam.

Just this once!

"Liu Sao, can you find the first aid kit?" Li Sicheng asked.

The maid heard him and brought the kit. Looking at the blood on Song Yifan's hand, she gasped and said, "How did you get hurt? We should dress the wound."

"I can do it on my own. Thank you." Song Yifan smiled. Obviously, he was much more relaxed speaking to Liu Sao than to Su Qianci. Looking back, he saw Su Qianci searching through the first aid kit and immediately grinned like a fool.

Su Qianci found a Band-Aid and carefully applied it on Song Yifan's hand. After she was done, she found at some point, Song Yifan's eyes became red.

Blinking is eyes, Song Yifan almost felt confused as he saw Su Qianci looking up. Grinning, he said, "Thank you, Qianci."

Su Qianci smiled. "No need to thank me. You are my dad, aren't you?"

Song Yifan heard her and his eyes immediately became watery. Suppressing his feelings, Song Yifan whispered, "Right, I'm your dad" Taking a deep breath, Song Yifan noticed that he was being too emotional. He stood up and said, "I need to go to the restroom."

"Over there." Li Sicheng pointed at a direction, and Song Yifan quickly turned around and disappeared at the corner.

Song Yifan's reaction made Su Qianci feel touched. She wetted her eyes as well. Seeing Su Qianci's odd look, Li Sicheng asked in a low voice, "Do you need to go to the restroom as well?" Su Qianci gave him a stare and pushed him away. Li Sicheng smiled and rubbed Su Qianci's hair, whispering, "He's very happy."

"Me too." Su Qianci looked up at Li Sicheng. "Now I have a dad."

Li Sicheng smiled and squeezed her face. "And you have me."

Calming himself down, Song Yifan looked more put together when he came back. After eating with the Li family and confirming his in-law relationship with the family, Song Yifan then left contentedly.

Li Sicheng and Su Qianci did not plan to stay too long either. At that moment, Cheng You called.