The 99th Divorce Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Cheng Yous Husband
Chapter 269: Cheng Yous Husband
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"Mr. Li, he got away."

Li Sicheng heard her, and his tone immediately became cold. "Did you ask them to help?"

"Yes" Cheng You felt reluctant to say, "but I was lied to."

Li Sicheng was quiet for a second. Feeling anxious, Cheng You immediately added, "I took a picture of him though. Since Luo Zhan had hacked his computer, he should be able to find out his identity."

"Okay, send it to me."

"Right away."

Li Sicheng hung up and received a photo from Cheng You. It was the photo of a young man, looking like he was in a hurry. All his features were quite clear.

Su Qianci caught a glimpse of it and her heart suddenly thumped. Without thinking, she blurted out, "Rong Rui!"

Li Sicheng looked at her curiously. "You know him?"

"He is Tang Mengying's help?"

Li Sicheng nodded. Su Qianci's heart raced. It was him, Rong Rui. In Su Qianci's last lifetime, he had been Cheng You's husband! But how come Rong Rui was now Tang Mengying's biggest help?

In Su Qianci's last lifetime, Rong Rui had pursued Cheng You passionately and they eventually got married and had a lovely daughter together. But why was he connected to Tang Mengying now? In her last lifetime, Su Qianci had seen Rong Rui in that fire. She had always thought it was her illusion and never doubted him. But now thinking back

So many changes in this lifetime. Su Qianci felt like she had come close to the truth but could not figure it out. Why was Rong Rui on Tang Mengying's side now? Why had Rong Rui pursued Cheng You? In her previous lifetime, what kind of role had Cheng You played between Li Sicheng and Su Qianci? Su Qianci suddenly felt her head hurt. All the facts flooded back to her, making it impossible for her to digest them.

"What's wrong?" Li Sicheng asked.

Su Qianci calmed herself down and slowly shook her head, saying, "His name is Rong Rui. He is from the capital."

"How did you know him?"

"I" Su Qianci suddenly did not know how to explain herself. Gazing at Li Sicheng, she said, "I dreamed of him"

"Dreamed of him?"

Li Sicheng felt ridiculous. However, reminded of Su Qianci's sobs the previous night, he swallowed his question back and took her into his arms. "Let's go home first."

Su Qianci was worried that he might not believe her and added, "Rong Rui is a dangerous person. He will do us harm. You must be careful. He's working with Tang Mengying, and Cheng You"

"Cheng You?" What does that have to do with Cheng You?

Su Qianci nodded and grabbed his sleeve, as if she was afraid he did not believe her. Her face flushed, she stared at Li Sicheng. "He is very close to Cheng You, so" As she talked, she came closer and closer to him. Su Qianci was wearing a pink round-collar maxi dress. Much taller than Su Qianci, Li Sicheng could easily see her dedicate collarbone with some faint marks on it. Her pink and plump lips were parted as she talked, looking delicious to him.