The 99th Divorce Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Go Home And Make A Baby
Chapter 270: Go Home and Make a Baby
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Li Sicheng's eyes became dark as he bowed his head and seized her lips. Caught off guard, Su Qianci stared her eyes wide. Very soon, he slid his tongue into her mouth. A strong arm locked her in place. His kiss was so gentle that Su Qianci felt her heart was tickled by a feather. She was melting.

"Hey there" Captain Li's voice.

Su Qianci opened her eyes and abruptly pushed Li Sicheng away. Her face flaming, she saw Captain Li's teasing smile. "Grandpa"

"I totally understand. You are young after all But do consider where you are."

Su Qianci's face burned hotter and immediately saw the smile in Li Sicheng's eyes. She gave him a stare and gave him a pinch on the hand. "Don't smile."

But Li Sicheng smiled even wider and took her into his arms. Looking at Captain Li, he said, "Grandpa, we're going back."

"It's pretty late and you should have left already."

Pretty late Hmm What was that supposed to mean? Su Qianci suddenly felt she was overthinking it. She tried to free herself from Li Sicheng's embrace, but he would not let go. "Right, it's late, so we'll go back first. Sleep tight, grandpa."

"Go back and make a baby so that I can play with it."

Li Sicheng nodded and said, "We'll do that."

Su Qianci blushed even more. Unable to wriggle free, she simply pretended that she had heard nothing.

Li Sicheng lifted Su Qianci up and announced, "Let's go home and make a baby."

"Don't say it! So embarrassing." Su Qianci wished she could seal his mouth.

Captain Li laughed. Hanging on Li Sicheng's neck, Su Qianci was taken to the car and then put on the back seat. However, the moment he opened the door of the car, a woman appeared not too far from the car.

Seeing Li Sicheng putting Su Qianci on the back seat, Tang Mengying pinched her own arm and almost ripped her bottom lip with her teeth.

Noticing that Li Sicheng had seen her, Tang Mengying immediately smiled, getting rid of the jealousy and resentment on her face. "Brother Sicheng, I want to speak to"

Li Sicheng did not even deign to roll his eyes at her, quickly got in the car and drove away. With the car exhaust blowing on her face, Tang Mengying bristled. Her phone rang, and it was from an unfamiliar number. It must be that useless Rong Rui. Tang Mengying did not take the call and turned her phone off. Holding a cell phone standing on the roadside, Rong Rui became desperate.

"My useless cousin, the woman is no more than a slut whom Li Sicheng did not even want. If our family knew that the reason you did not want to inherit the family business is to work for her, they would probably kill you." A charming woman yawned as she put on red nail polish. "You should go back home and be the young master you are."

"Shut up." He squeezed the phone in his hand and then smashed it on the ground. "Rong Anna, you mind your own business."

Rong Anna touched her nose and said, "All right, I saw that coming."

"Where's Aunt Rong Xuan?"

"She's waiting for you at home. My dad and your parents are there as well."

"Let's go then."