The 99th Divorce Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Mysterious Mail
Chapter 272: Mysterious Mail
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After the shower, Li Sicheng came out and immediately saw the note. He dried his hair and called Su Qianci. At this moment, Su Qianci had already hailed a taxi. When getting his call, she felt a bit guilty.

"What's emergency? It's so late at night," Li Sicheng complained. However, his tone was more loving than blaming.

Su Qianci felt even more guilty and said, "A close friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend. I'm going to comfort her. She has always been nice to me"

"Okay, come back early." Li Sicheng did not ask too much and hung up.

He put on a robe and went into the study. There were hundreds of urgent emails that he needed to get to. Turning on the computer, Li Sicheng was focused on his work. When it was past 10 PM, Su Qianci was not back yet. It had been more than two hours since she left home. Li Sicheng dialed her number again, but she didn't pick up.

He called her a second time and Su Qianci picked up. She sounded like she was panting. "Hello."

"Where are you? I'll go pick you up."

It was very late. Li Sicheng got up and went to the bedroom to change.

Su Qianci quickly responded, "There's no need for that. I'll go back soon. Ah" She suddenly let out a yelp, sounding terrified.

Li Sicheng noticed something was wrong and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. My friend was drunk. I will come home after I send her home. Don't wait for me. You sleep first."

"I'll go pick you up. What's the address?"

"It's really okay. I'll be fast."

"All right." Li Sicheng did not insist but still changed just in case.

In his new outfit, Li Sicheng went back to the study and continued working. Suddenly, he received a new email. The title immediately caught his attention: "Mrs. Li meeting with her boyfriend and night. Cuckolded much, Mr. Li?"

Li Sicheng's face immediately dimmed. He clicked the mail and immediately saw a shrub, in front of which Su Qianci got out of a taxi in what she was wearing today with a little clutch in her hand. The second photo was her walking into a neighborhood, and that neighborhood was where Lu Yihan lived. Flames started to burn in Li Sicheng's heart. He squeezed the mouse and blue veins popped out on the back of his hand.

Scrolling down, he saw Su Qianci climbing up the stairs. Then, Lu Yihan opened the door for her. He collapsed in her arms, and Su Qianci helped her him inside Friend? Broke up? Drunk? He thought she was with a girl, but she was with Lu Yihan instead.