The 99th Divorce Chapter 274

Chapter 274: I Want To Kill Him
Chapter 274: I Want to Kill Him
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Su Qianci was surprised to see Li Sicheng. However, before she had any time to explain herself, he pushed her away. Pushing himself through the door, Li Sicheng immediately saw Lu Yihan lying on the couch with his skin flushed. Furious, he stepped up and grabbed him by the collar, punching him hard in the face. Caught off guard, Lu Yihan let out a scream and collapsed on the floor. His sight became blurry, and all he could see was a figure walking toward him.

Su Qianci yelled, "What are you doing?"

Being drunk, Lu Yihan heard Su Qianci's voice and chuckled. "Qianqian"

However, that intimate nickname made Li Sicheng even more angry. "Son of a bitch!" Li Sicheng approached Lu Yihan and lifted him up, punching him again.

Taking a hard punch, Lu Yihan's face immediately started to swell. His teeth almost fell out and blood came out of his mouth. Sitting on the floor, Lu Yihan's wound was immediately torn up, and blood soaked through his clothes.

Terrified, Su Qianci's heart was almost in her throat. Wrapping her arms around his waist with all her strength, she shouted, "Stop! Stop it!"

Li Sicheng clenched his fists without noticing that blood was coming out of Lu Yihan's body. Noticing Su Qianci trying to stop him, Li Sicheng was even more infuriated knowing that she was worried about the guy. "Let go!"

"Don't hit him. Stop it" Su Qianci sobbed and exclaimed, "it's not what you're thinking. I just didn't want you to overthink this, so I"

"Let go!"

Li Sicheng did not want to hear her explanation, tearing her hand away from him inexorably and pushing her away. Su Qianci was thrown off her feet. When she came back again, Lu Yihan was screaming.

Li Sicheng was very strong. Coming from a family with three generations in the military, he was held to high standards when it came to physical exercise. With his terrible injury, an IT guy like Lu Yihan was not Li Sicheng's match at all.

Su Qianci panicked and quickly got up. Tripping over the sofa, she fell again and had no time to stand up. Rolling and crawling, she put herself between the two guys despite Li Sicheng's fist.

Li Sicheng's fist was approaching her face. Her flesh creeping, she stared at his fist, not daring to move.

Li Sicheng did not expect she would suddenly appear. He stopped his fist midair.

"Get out of the way."

Su Qianci's eyes full of tears, she shook her head staring at his angry face. As her tears fell, she whimpered, "You will kill him."

Li Sicheng heard her and suddenly felt amused, his heart sinking. A coldness suddenly emanated from this body, making Su Qianci feel terrified. He was so scary like this

Reaching out a hand, Li Sicheng squeezed her chin and said gloomily, "I do want to kill him. This way, you will not think about him all the time, will you?"