The 99th Divorce Chapter 275

Chapter 275: It Seems That You Are Still Confused Who I Am To You
Chapter 275: It Seems That You Are Still Confused Who I Am to You
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Su Qianci felt her chin was about to be crushed. It hurt a lot, but she had completely forgotten how she should react. His attitude was exactly the same as how he treated her toward the end of her last lifetime. He would kill her with his gaze if he could. Su Qianci's heart trembled. Seeing the storm in his eyes, she couldn't help thinking of him as the Li Sicheng in her previous lifetime. So scary

Feeling her body trembling, Li Sicheng felt his heart was pierced by a thousand arrows, hurting hysterically. She was still terrified of him. So, she would rather lie to him at stay with Lu Yihan and night than sleep at their home?

"Why?" Li Sicheng sounded faintly helpless. "What is so attractive about him? Why him?"

Su Qianci heard his words and failed to understand what he meant. Seeing her confused look, he tightened his fingers and gritted his teeth, holding back the desire to destroy both of them. "Come home with me."

If she were to come home, he would just pretend nothing had happened. However, when Su Qianci heard him, she subconsciously glanced behind her. Lu Yihan's wound had not recovered, and he was running a fever. Intoxicated and beaten by Li Sicheng

It was heart wrenching for Li Sicheng to watch. Couldn't she even pretend it in front of him? Were her affection and passion all fake? Or did she like them both and want them both? Li Sicheng raged, and all his senses had disappeared. He flung his arm out and pulled Su Qianci up, growling, "Come with me."

Su Qianci struggled and cried, "Wait a second Lu Yihan is injured and has a fever"

Li Sicheng tightened his grip. What should he do? He wanted to choke Lu Yihan to death so that she could focus on himself insead. However, he could not. Lu Yihan deserved it, but she would hate him. Fighting down the urge to kill Lu Yihan, Li Sicheng carried Su Qianci in his arms and walked toward the door without saying anything.

"Wait a second, Mr. Li" Su Qianci called him following her old habit. Li Sicheng wished he could crush her in his arms, walked even faster, and took her downstairs.

Su Qianci panicked and exclaimed, "If we go now, he will die! In order to save me, he"

"Shut up!" Li Sicheng put Su Qianci on the back seat, locked the door, and sat in the driver's seat himself.

"Li Sicheng!" Su Qianci raged.

"What did you just call me?" Li Sicheng eventually could not stand it anymore, approached her abruptly, pushing her shoulders against the seat.

She had always called Lu Yihan intimately: Lu Yihan. While to her, Li Sicheng was always the distant Mr. Li. The distinction clearly showed how she viewed the two men. But he was her husband.

Before she spoke, Su Qianci heard his cruel tone. "It seems that you're still confused who I am to you." With that said, under Su Qianci's scared gaze, he grabbed her collar and ripped her dress apart