The 99th Divorce Chapter 276

Chapter 276: You Dont Want Me Huh?
Chapter 276: You Dont Want Me, Huh?
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Su Qianci let out a scream, covering her body subconsciously. However, he was so much stronger than her. Holding her hands down, he pushed her against the seat. He felt like a giant, and there was no way for her to fight him back. His rage almost consumed her. Panicking, Su Qianci wanted to resist, but the more she struggled, the more Li Sicheng wanted to power her down. Holding her in place, Li Sicheng's moves were more and more wild and out of control

He deepened his kiss, ravenous and violent. She had no idea whether the blood she was tasting was his or hers. She felt like he wanted to destroy her and was terrified by this side of Li Sicheng that she had never seen before. He had a bad temper. She had seen him upset before. She could run away when he yelled at her, ignored her, or even scolded her. But why did he have to do this to her?

Su Qianci did not know what to do. All her bones were ready to give up under his weight. It hurt so much, but it was nothing compared to how her heart hurt. Bursting into tears, Su Qianci's resistance was weaker and weaker. She started to sob.

Li Sicheng released her and asked coldly, "You don't want me, huh?" He sounded full of contempt and mockery. His tone as sharp as daggers, breaking her heart.

The Mr. Li in her memory was back

Sadness quickly built up in her heart. Su Qianci cried out loud, "No" She did not want to see Li Sicheng like this. This Mr. Li was terrifying

Li Sicheng heard her, his eyes as cold as snow. He yanked her up and spread her legs with his thighs. Pinching her cheek, he growled, "No? What don't you want?"

Su Qianci stopped sobbing and shook her head, gritting her teeth.

"You don't want me, right?" Li Sicheng sounded frustrated. "You don't want me, but a different man" His voice became lower and lower. Su Qianci looked at him wide-eyed, her heart empty. He sounded distant. "Don't you think you're too cruel, Su Qianci?"

His moves did not stop as he seized her with his deep gaze. His eyes were gorgeous as always, but they looked so distant at this time

Su Qianci was scared and wanted to run. But Li Sicheng was faster than her, grabbing both her wrists in one hand. He quickly unbuckled his belt with his other hand. Hearing the belt unbuckled, Su Qianci struggled harder and looked at him mortified. "Are you out of your mind? We are on the street"

His stiff cock was pushed into her body deeply. Unable to fight back, Su Qianci was taken completely unprepared. Li Sicheng felt the friction and lowered the seatback. Seeing her frown, he felt relieved. So they did not

Su Qianci struggled harder and shouted, "It hurts. Get out"

Li Sicheng felt much better knowing that she and Lu Yihan did not have sex, whispering, "Relax."

Su Qianci cried and cursed, "Li Sicheng, you pervert!"

Li Sicheng heard that, and the tenderness was gone. With a hard thrust, he sneered, "So how did Lu Yihan do it? Like this Or this?"