The 99th Divorce Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Give Me A Baby
Chapter 277: Give Me a Baby
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Su Qianci shuddered and held him tight, mumbling, "Someone is here Stay down"

Li Sicheng disregard her words and worked up to a rapid tempo.

"You're crazy SomeoneAhhh"

The voice outside the car became clearer and clearer. It was a girl's voice. "The guy in 203 is miserable. I heard he was injured and had a fever because the wound got inflamed. It was a dangerous situation and now he's beaten."


"Well, he did get himself drunk, so there was no help. Luckily, the girl is looking after him."

"They must be fighting. The guy seemed to hate her, and she insisted to look after him."

"But the dress she was wearing is so nice. It must cost a fortune. Red looks so good on fair skin"

The two girls walked past the black Maybach, not noticing a thing. Su Qianci let out a sigh of relief. Lu Yihan was living in unit 203, so they must be talking about him. Fortunately, he was rescued. However, the girl in red they were describing sounded like Yu Lili. Why did she come to this place so late at night? As Su Qianci was wondering, she felt the thick shaft that had become tame was stiff again.

Li Sicheng kneeled and pinned her to the chair back, whispering, "Qianci, give me a baby." He heard that a woman would always love her husband more once they had a baby together. Su Qianci widened her eyes, but her lips were sealed again before she could say anything.

When Lu Yihan's surgery was over, it was past 2 AM.

Yu Lili saw the light went out in the emergency room and immediately grabbed the sleeve of the surgeon, asking, "Doctor, how did it go?"

The surgeon took off his mask and said, "It went pretty well. But this cannot happen again. Even Superman cannot handle so much harm."

Yu Lili let out a sigh of relief and entered the intensive care unit. He was still unconscious. The purple and blue on his face looked egregious.

Yu Lili reached out to caress his wounded face and her eyes became wet. "How did this happen? If I know who did this, I would definitely avenge you."

Lu Yihan vaguely heard Yu Lili's voice, frowned, and opened his eyes. Seeing Yu Lili immediately, Lu Yihan turned his head away and said coldly, "Why are you still here?"

Yu Lili's heart sank as she sneered, "You think I want to be here? I'm here to get my money back. The surgery costs eight thousand. Remember that."

"All right. Send me your account information and I will wire you the money. If you don't need anything else, you should leave now." There was no warmth in Lu Yihan's voice, which disappointed Yu Lili.

However, she feigned indifference and said, "You think I f**king want to be here? I should have left you to die." Then, as if she had thought of something, Yu Lili asked, "who did this to you?"

"How the heck does that concern you?"

"Hey, don't be so mean. Maybe I could even avenge you."

Lu Yihan curled his lips coldly and said, "It was Li Sicheng. Avenge me please. Remember to take a picture."