The 99th Divorce Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Spend The Night With Him
Chapter 278: Spend the Night with Him
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Yu Lili heard the name and widened her eyes, looking at Lu Yihan incredulously, "How is that possible? Li Sicheng? Su Qianci's husband? What did he beat you for?"

Lu Yihan smiled with a sense of self-mockery and asked, "You don't believe me?"

"Yes, I do." Yu Lili waved her hand hurriedly. "I was just curious why he would hit you."

Even Lu Yihan himself did not know why, so there was no way he could explain for her. Lu Yihan was having a terrible migraine. Although his wound was better and his temperature was down, he still felt very uncomfortable. Too lazy to explain, Lu Yihan's said half consciously, "you should go back. I will wire you the money. It's too late for you to stay with a guy alone."

"It's" It's Okay. Before Yu Lili finished her sentence, her phone rang. It was Ou Ming. That was the fourth call she got from him. Yu Lili pursed her lips and did not want to pick up. Turning her phone off, she turned back and found Lu Yihan had closed his eyes, looking exhausted. Putting her head on his forehead, Yu Lili felt he was still running a fever. She walked out and asked the nurse for some alcohol and towel to cool him down.

Looking at Lu Yihan's face, Yu Lili felt an emptiness in her heart. If she did not become involved with Ou Ming for money, would there be a possibility between him and her? Looking down, Yu Lili regretted the decision she had made in the past. She was a bird kept in Ou Ming's cage. Although the cage was fancy, she had no freedom at all.

How she envied Su Qianci An innocent and kind girl, different from a hateful gold digger like her And Su Qianci had been so lucky in her life. Yu Lili was most jealous of the fact that even Lu Yihan liked her How nice that must be.

Having watched Lu Yihan for an entire night, Yu Lili did not know when he had fallen asleep. When she was woken up by the nurse, it was past 9 AM. Lu Yihan was still sleeping. Stretching her arms, Yu Lili stood up and turned her phone on. The moment her phone was on, it started to ring nonstop. More than fifty unanswered calls, and more than a hundred text messages

"S**t, that idiot"

Yu Lili was speechless. As she cursed, she got the call from the man again.

"Hello," Yu Lili sounded impatient. "What's the big deal?"

Ou Ming was silent for a moment and then sneered, "Yu Lili, you must be out of your mind. You turned off your phone?"

"So what? Everyone needs to sleep." Yu Lili said matter-of-factly.

"Where did you sleep and with whom?"

"Mr. Ou, I'm not your girlfriend. So how does that concern you?"

"If you're not my girlfriend, whose girlfriend are you?"

"Well, my body for your money, that's what we are. Why are you so emotional? I did not want your patronage last night. That's all."

"Yu Lili!" Ou Ming bristled. "Get your ass to the Mount West Vila right now."

"All right. F**king pervert." Yu Lili hung up. She made sure that Lu Yihan's temperature was no longer high and asked the nurse to take good care of him before she left.

After Yu Lili was gone, Lu Yihan opened his eyes and watched her leave. He had heard that she was the mistress of a young businessman. It turned out to be true. Mr. Ou Ou Ming?