The 99th Divorce Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Dont Get Closer Please
Chapter 279: Dont Get Closer, Please
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When Su Qianci woke up, it was noon.

Li Sicheng had left for work. She checked the time and it was too late for school, so she decided to skip her morning class completely. Despite the deep fatigue she felt, Su Qianci put on a robe and got up. Stumbling into the bathroom, she found she was covered in blue and purple marks all over, and looked miserable.

"Su Qianci, give me a baby."

After he had said that, she did not get to rest the entire night, and eventually passed out in the car. When she woke up around midnight, she was in the bed at their house, but Li Sicheng was still banging her. Feeling sore all over, Su Qianci could hardly open her eyes.


She smiled with self-mockery and drew herself a hot bath. Lying in the bathtub, Su Qianci became relaxed and gradually fell asleep. When she woke up, she was clean and dry, lying in the bed. Li Sicheng was sitting on the bed, with a make-do table in front of him, working with his laptop and documents. Noticing that she was awake, he only glanced at her briefly, then continued his work.

Su Qianci gazed at him and pursed her lips, not saying a thing. He thought she had been sleeping with Lu Yihan, so he used Lu Yihan to shame her all night while he banged her brains out. However, she was completely innocent. Gripping the comforter, Su Qianci felt terribly wronged, and tears ran down her cheeks.

Hearing her sobs, Li Sicheng looked down and put away his files, asking, "So reluctant?"

Su Qianci felt like her heart was wrenched. She shook her head again and again. Sniffling, she wanted to speak, but the sobs choked her utterance. Li Sicheng turned around and leaned over her. Startled, Su Qianci immediately backed off with the comforter in her hand, staring with wide, puffy eyes.

He wanted to do it again?

However, Li Sicheng did not do anything other than gaze at her with his cold and deep eyes. Su Qianci's heart thumped. Looking back at him, she spoke first, "I am just friends with Lu Yihan. There is nothing going on between us."

So please don't be mad

Hearing her words, Li Sicheng's eyes became darker. After a few seconds of silence, he said, "I'm sorry." Puzzled by his apology, Su Qianci looked perplexed. Without explaining, Li Sicheng got closer to her. Su Qianci moved back with fear, almost letting out a cry. She begged, "please don't"

This broke Li Sicheng's heart. He paused, feeling more and more helpless. Gazing at her, he whispered, "Let me check I hurt you."

"No!" More tears fell from her eyes. "Don't come here. Please don't touch me"

Last night, his resentment completely blinded his good senses. Fortunately, he asked Luo Zhan to track down the email address that sent him the email. Luo Zhan found out that it was from a private detective, and then learned what had happened to Su Qianci before the press conference. Learning the ordeal that Su Qianci had been put through, Li Sicheng also realized what might have happened if Lu Yihan had not come to her rescue. Feeling terrified and guilty, Li Sicheng sent someone to put the detective agency out of business and gather the information of Tang Mengying's payment to them. However, nothing could change the fact that he had hurt her. Seeing Su Qianci's look, Li Sicheng did not dare to approach her anymore. He slowly moved back and said, "I will not go there. Don't be scared."