The 99th Divorce Chapter 280

Chapter 280: I Raped Her
Chapter 280: I Raped Her
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Then, Li Sicheng got out of the bed. Her clear relief wrung his heart. Guilt and regret swallowed him, but he did not show anything. Clenching his fists, Li Sicheng cleaned up his work mess and left the room. As soon he disappeared, Su Qianci felt all her strength drain from her, and she collapsed on the pillow.

For the next two days, Su Qianci slept in the guest room and skipped her classes. After Nanny Rong reported her situation to the old house, Qin Shuhua came to visit her, grandpa called to scold Li Sicheng, and Li Xiao sent her many gifts to apologize.

Li Sicheng had not been home for two days, working all night at the company. Since their boss did not go home, the entire company had to work late with him. Although he was busy with the business, his heart was elsewhere. He had thought that without seeing her, he might feel less guilt. However, the longer he was away from her, the more insufferable it became. This time, he was wrong.

It was past 9 PM, and Li Sicheng was still working when he got Ou Ming's call. Ou Ming sounded upset. "Sicheng, come out for a drink."


It was rare for Li Sicheng to agree so quickly, so Ou Ming was quite surprised.

Holding a glass of whiskey, Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow when he saw Ou Ming. "You're late."

Ou Ming looked at him, wide-eyed. "You're the one who is always late. It always takes me forever to persuade you to join me. What's different today? Are you in a bad mood?" Li Sicheng pursed his lips, did not speak, and took a sip of his liquor. Ou Ming then understood what might have happened, and he sighed. "We're brothers in suffering." Getting his drink from the waiter, Ou Ming took a swallow and asked, "What happened to you? Your wife rejected you again in bed?"

Li Sicheng gave him a stare and chugged the rest of the liquor. With a bitter smile, he said, "I raped her."

Ou Ming choked on his wine and stared at Li Sicheng as if he had seen a ghost, blurting out, "S**t, for real?"

Li Sicheng did not answer, and poured himself another glass of whiskey.

"Wow, don't you take yourself as a gentleman? What's going on? Although she is your wife, that is way out of line," Ou Ming said indignantly. He had never forced a woman--he had a thousand ways to make her beg for it.

Li Sicheng pursed his lips and finished up another glass, his lips unusually red under the influence of alcohol.

A bit shocked, Ou Ming seized the glass from him and growled, "How much do you want to drink? Stop it!"

Tipsy, Li Sicheng asked Ou Ming, "What should I do? She's afraid of me."

"No s**t" Ou Ming rolled his eyes. "You raped her!"

"It's not for that" She had always been afraid of him. The fear was in her bones.