The 99th Divorce Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Get Dressed
Chapter 281: Get Dressed
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Since they got married, there had not been a single second that she did not fear him. Was he so scary? Li Sicheng found it hard to understand. Li Sicheng reached for Ou Ming's glass and failed to snatch it. Then he simply grabbed the bottle and started to swallow.

Ou Ming then found half of the bottle was down Li Sicheng's throat in just a second. Startled, Ou Ming took the bottle away and pushed Li Sicheng down to the sofa. "Waiter, take the bottle away." If he continued like this, he would probably end up in the hospital considering his stomach issues. Ou Ming regretted asking him out now. It turned out that he did not get to pour out his anguish but had to wait on this young master.

"What the f**k is wrong with you? You don't simply drink like this!"

Li Sicheng was tipsy. Before Ou Ming arrived, he had already drunk half a bottle. However, he still knew what was going on. Since the alcohol was gone, he could live without it. Li Sicheng pushed Ou Ming away and asked, "And what happened to you?" Every time Ou Ming asked him out, there must be something going on in his life, either good or bad.

"I'll send you home. You're too drunk to listen to me."

"I'm not drunk." Li Sicheng looked at him seriously.

Ou Ming saw that he was telling the truth, and then said, "What else can it be? That woman's trying to get away from me again. I wanted to ask you how you charmed your wife. Didn't you sign a divorce contract?"

Li Sicheng immediately sobered. Right, divorce contract! He had completely forgotten about it! Standing up abruptly, Li Sicheng said, "I have to go. We'll catch up later."

Ou Ming was dumbfounded. Staring at Li Sicheng's back, he cursed, "Son of a" Then, reminded of something, he immediately went after Li Sicheng. "You can't drive. I will drive you."

Su Qianci did not even dare to show her face in front of Lu Yihan. She did not even have the nerve to call. Although she was very worried about him, she resisted the urge to visit him. Some of her stuff was still in the guest bedroom, so she turned on her laptop and started to work on her homework in bed. Since she had missed school for a couple of days, her classmates sent her the homework and the notes they had taken. Although she was upset, she had to study so that she wouldn't fail any of her classes.

After a while, Su Qianci felt a bit thirsty, so she put on her shoes and went downstairs to the kitchen. The moment she took a cup, she heard someone talking. Glancing back, she saw Ou Ming. And someone followed Ou Ming inside, tall and handsome.

It was him.

Su Qianci looked at them and quickly swallowed the water.

"Su Qianci," Ou Ming called her.

Seeing her standing in the kitchen wearing a white nightgown, Li Sicheng immediately covered Ou Ming's eyes and looked at Su Qianci sharply. "Go get dressed."

Su Qianci blinked and looked down at her outfit. A long-sleeved nightgown, completely ordinary. What was wrong with it?

Seeing that she was puzzled, Li Sicheng glanced at the purple marks on her neck and reminded her, "Your neck."

Su Qianci was dazed for a second, and then she quickly blushed, going upstairs hurriedly.

Feeling awkward, Ou Ming said, "Well, you're home. I'll go back now." Then he quickly left and closed the door behind him.

Li Sicheng followed Su Qianci upstairs and went inside the master bedroom. However, it was empty. Li Sicheng's eyes darkened and he turned around, moving to open the door of the guest bedroom. It was locked.

With her back against the door, Su Qianci felt anxious, afraid that he would bust in and