The 99th Divorce Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Nanny Rong Lied To Her
Chapter 282: Nanny Rong lied to her
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"Are you there? Let's talk," Li Sicheng said as quietly as he could. However, the habitual coldness was still there.

Standing with her back against the door, Su Qianci bit her bottom lip and did not respond.

After a while, Li Sicheng decided that she did not mean to let him in and said, "You should turn in early. I'll drive you to school tomorrow morning."

Noticing that he was gone, Su Qianci let out a sigh of relief. At some point, she was covered in cold sweat. After taking another shower, she finished her homework and went to bed. In the late night, the door of Su Qianci's room opened. A tall and handsome figure crept in quietly. In her sleep, she pushed her comforter away, moaned, and flipped over.

Li Sicheng's eyes became soft as he leaned over and took her in, watching her while he stood next to her bed. Not knowing he was there, Su Qianci had a good night's sleep.

The next morning, Su Qianci washed and heard Nanny Rong call, "Ma'am, breakfast."

"I think I'll skip breakfast. I'm in a hurry and must go to class now."

"That is not okay. You must eat!" Nanny Rong said in a somewhat deliberately loud voice. "You are too thin and do not eat much these days. If you continue this way, you will be too skinny, and that is not attractive."

Su Qianci had to obey Nanny Rong, so she went downstairs with her backpack in hand. However, after she sat down, she looked around and did not see the person she wanted to find. Looking up, she saw the teasing look in Nanny Rong's eyes. For some reason, Su Qianci felt like she was caught red-handed. With a blush, she bowed her head.

"He has gone to work. I heard the company has a new project in collaboration with an American firm, so he's going on a business trip in the afternoon, to Chicago."

"He's going on a business trip?"

Nanny Rong nodded, added more milk in Su Qianci's glass and said, "Yes. He will be gone for several days."

"How many days?" Su Qianci couldn't help asking.

Nanny Rong smiled a bit wider and asked jokingly, "You did not know? He came home last night, didn't he?"

Seeing the ambiguous look on Nanny Rong's face, Su Qianci felt at a loss. Taking a bite of her sandwich, she said, "He did not tell me"

"Five days." The familiar deep voice made Su Qianci freeze. She looked at Nanny Rong. Nanny Rong just told her that he had gone to work. Nanny Rong lied to her?

Seeing her look, Nanny Rong immediately turned away. "I must go to the laundry."

Li Sicheng walked over to her, checked his watch, and said, "It's 7:30. I will drive you to school."

A bit upset about Nanny Rong's lie, Su Qianci looked away and whispered, "I could go to school myself"

"You're sure you can find a taxi here?"

It was a villa district, so very few taxis would come near there. She would definitely be late if she insisted. So she had to be driven by him? However, thinking of what had happened a few nights ago in the car Su Qianci's eyes became wet. She bowed her head and did not speak.

Li Sicheng had a smile of self-mockery on his face as he said quietly, "I was joking. Yang is outside." Then he walked out of the door, but his fists were clenched, and his eyes were full of bitterness, when Su Qianci could not see