The 99th Divorce Chapter 283

Chapter 283: I Dont Want To Share A Room With You
Chapter 283: I Dont Want to Share a Room with You
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Li Sicheng went on his business trip, and the house felt empty again. Lying in the bed, Su Qianci flipped over and over, unable to fall asleep. Something was going on in her head, but Su Qianci did not know what it was. She suddenly got up and opened the lowest drawer of the nightstand. Right there was the folder with the contract inside. What did the contract even mean at this point?

Su Qianci felt she was too easy. Even though he had treated her like that the other night, she had never thought about divorce. Every time she thought of the word divorce, it pained her so much. She did not want to do it. However, would he hold her to this contract? Su Qianci had no idea. Seeing his signature on the contract, she pursed her lips and placed it under her pillow. Five days until he came back. At that time, they would need to talk about the divorce.

Five days quickly passed. Su Qianci had visited Lu Yihan twice in five days. After apologizing to him, she did not dare to stay long, and she was always there at daytime.

School was over a bit late on that Monday. Su Qianci walked out of the campus and saw Li Sicheng's black Maybach instead of the car that Yang normally drove to pick her up. Seeing that car, Su Qianci stopped walking. It was him.

Seeing her fearful look, Li Sicheng leaned against the back of his seat, frustrated. Then he tucked the gift that he had picked out with quite a lot of thought under the seat.

"Su Qianci, your husband's here. The car is gorgeous!" A classmate of Su Qianci's said.

Su Qianci smiled and pretended that she had seen nothing and heard nothing, hailing a taxi. She got into the car, which went in the direction of home. She checked the back mirror and found that the black Maybach was gone. Feeling a bit at loss, she let out a sigh of relief and played with the strap of her backpack.

When Su Qianci got home, she found that Li Sicheng was already there, judging by his car parked in the front yard. Holding her backpack and standing in front of the door, Su Qianci hesitated, debating whether she should go in.

Nanny Rong was taking the laundry back to the house. Seeing Su Qianci was still standing there, she asked, "Ma'am, what's going on?"

Su Qianci shook her head.

Seeing her awkward look, Nanny Rong decided to say, "He's back. You must have missed him. Come inside for dinner."

She did not Su Qianci pouted and walked into the house.

Li Sicheng was not in the living room. Su Qianci went upstairs with her backpack and found the doors of both bedrooms open. Li Sicheng had some of her stuff in his hands. When he saw her, he did not explain.

Su Qianci was upset. "What do you think you're doing?"

She was still mad at him. Why did he take her stuff to the master bedroom? Was he trying to Her again? Outrageous!

Li Sicheng glanced at her and said quietly, "Grandpa is going to stay here for a while."

So he was vacating the place for grandpa to stay.

"We have more than ten guest rooms!" They did, so why was he vacating her room?

"Grandpa asked to stay in this room. As his grandson, I cannot really say no," Linda said seriously.

"But" Su Qianci's face was flushed. "I don't want to share a room with you."