The 99th Divorce Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Our Marriage Is Officiated And Consummated
Chapter 284: Our Marriage Is Officiated And Consummated
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Li Sicheng glanced at her and said matter-of-factly, "Do you want grandpa to know that we're fighting?"

"I" But they were fighting!

Before Su Qianci said anything, Li Sicheng continued, "Do you know why grandpa wants to stay here?"


"He loves candies, but because he has high blood pressure, my dad does not allow him to eat any. So he decided to run away."

Su Qianci was shocked. "Really?"

"You can ask him yourself."

Well, even if she did, he would probably not admit it Grandpa was too old to be so childish, but Looking at Li Sicheng's serious expression, Su Qianci did not believe he would lie to her. Seeing her skeptical look, Li Sicheng continued moving her things to the master bedroom.

"Wait a second!" Su Qianci was upset. "I will move them myself. I'll go sleep in a guestroom."

Hearing her words, Li Sicheng stopped what he was doing and looked back at her. "Why? You will break grandpa's heart."

"I'm sure he will understand."

"What is he supposed to understand? Are you trying to tell him that the lovebirds are fighting?"

Lovebirds Su Qianci's face was flushed as she stomped her foot and cried, "We're not lovebirds!"

Li Sicheng curled his lips and said matter-of-factly, "Of course we are. Don't forget that our marriage is officiated and consummated."

"You" Su Qianci was rendered speechless, her face as red as a cooked shrimp. Of course, their marriage was officiated. How could he say the word "consummated" without even blushing? She was surprised to find out how thick-skinned Li Sicheng was.

"All right," he tapped her on the nose and said, "grandpa will arrive soon. We must make him feel at home."

Bashful and mad, Su Qianci went downstairs with her backpack. It was his fault But he made it seem like she was the unreasonable one. How shameless!

"Ahhhh!" Su Qianci was so mad that she threw her backpack at the door.

Li Xun was surprised to find a backpack before he even entered the house.

Picking it up, he walked inside with a smile and immediately saw Su Qianci's upset face. "What happened? You look mad."

Seeing grandpa, Su Qianci calmed down and called, "Grandpa."

Behind Captain Li, a young man was moving his luggage inside. But the weird thing was that grandpa seemed to be in a good mood

Su Qianci felt a bit strange and asked, "Grandpa, did you really run away?"

Captain Li was puzzled. "Me? Run away?"

Su Qianci blinked and wanted to investigate, when she suddenly heard a familiar deep voice behind her. "My dad got him angry, so he came to his grandson looking for warmth. Grandpa, that's why you ran away, right?"

Grandpa looked enlightened and nodded. "Right, what he said"

Su Qianci was speechless. What does grandpa mean by that Was that not the truth? For some reason, Su Qianci thought the two were probably colluding