The 99th Divorce Chapter 285

Chapter 285: You Guys Continue
Chapter 285: You Guys Continue
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Under Su Qianci's investigative gaze, grandpa nodded and confirmed seriously, "That's what has happened." Then, he looked at the ceiling, looking upset. "I don't have a good son, so I have to stay with my grandson. Su Qianci, you wouldn't mind, would you?"

Su Qianci quickly waved her hand. "No way. But grandpa, you really should not eat candies. Father's right, those are no good for your health."

Candies? The fake lonesome look on Captain Li's face started to crack as he looked at Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng quickly walked away and said, "Dinner time."

Nanny Rong tried not to laugh while putting dinner on the table. After doing that, she went upstairs to tidy up grandpa's room. After getting the room ready, Nanny Rong started to change the sheets. However, as she took up the pillow, Nanny Rong saw the folder underneath. Divorce contract Nanny Rong let out a sigh. It was not the first time that she had seen it, but why did they need it? If grandpa saw it, he would not be happy. Nanny Rong thought about it, put it back into the last drawer, and locked it up.

After dinner, Li Sicheng took a shower and started working in his study. Su Qianci was working on her homework in the living room. Watching a legal drama in the living room, Captain Li glanced at Su Qianci and then upstairs from time to time without saying anything. After she finished her homework, she said goodnight to Captain Li and went upstairs.

Grandpa nodded with a smile, but the moment she went away, he quickly took his cell phone and texted "dear baby grandson,""Upstairs now!"

Li Sicheng glanced at his phone. Two minutes later, he then stood up and walked to the master bedroom.

Su Qianci was standing on her toes, trying to get her lingerie. Nanny Rong had a habit of placing her lingerie on the upper part of the closet, as she believed the farther from the floor, the cleaner it would be. However This was Li Sicheng's room! His furniture was designed for his height, so it was very difficult for her to reach it. Standing on her toes, Su Qianci held her breath to get the lingerie, but actually pushed it further inside. It was now out of her reach.

Suddenly, a shadow was cast over her. Su Qianci felt a warm body approaching her from her back. A piece of lingerie was then presented to her. Su Qianci was dazed, looking at the hand in front of her. Then she quickly blushed, snatched the lingerie, turned around, and hit the wall of his chest. It was thick and wide, emitting male hormones. Su Qianci's heart raced as she looked up and saw his deep and dark eyes.

Li Sicheng moved forward, putting his hand on her waist, and whispered, "Still mad?"

Hearing his voice, Su Qianci immediately felt aggrieved again. Mad? Of course! Not only was she mad at what he had done to her, but she also hated how he had humiliated her. What reason did he have to believe she had an affair with Lu Yihan? And why did he think that she did not love him? Pushing him away, Su Qianci glared at him and left without saying anything. Her attitude was clear: she was mad.

Li Sicheng pulled Su Qianci close and pinned her against the wall. Su Qianci stared, her eyes wide. She saw someone at the door before she could say anything.

Afraid that they were going to fight, Captain Li came to check on the couple. However, just as he walked upstairs, he saw Li Sicheng pushing Su Qianci against the wall, and saw that she had a bra in her hand Captain Li covered his eyes. "Wrong way. You guys continue."