The 99th Divorce Chapter 302

Chapter 302: She Is Not Good Enough

"Grandpa…" Li Beixing called.

Looking at Li Beixing, Captain Li's voice was weak, "Beixing, get your brother here, right now."

Li Beixing nodded and went out. Checking the two neighboring rooms, he found Li Sicheng in the room on the left side. Li Sicheng was sitting on Su Qianci's bed, holding her hand without the drip needle attached. Noticing Li Beixing had come, Li Sicheng only glanced at him.

Tearing up, Nanny Rong looked at Li Sicheng full of blame.

Feeling the tension, Li Beixing walked over and said, "Grandpa asked you to go over. He seems to be mad."

Li Sicheng had seen it coming,so he put down Su Qianci's hand and got up.

The moment he brushed past Li Beixing, the latter asked, "Brother, did you really do it with Tang Mengying?"

Li Sicheng paused and clenched his fists. A strong sense of helplessness hit him. No one believed him. Nobody! Leering at Li Beixing, Li Sicheng simply said, "She is not good enough."

"Then how do you explain the test report? It has dad's name on it. And the number is too high to be a coincidence… It is also stamped by Kingstown First Military Hospital…"

Before Li Beixing finished, Li Sicheng's phone rang. It was Luo Zhan! After he picked up, Li Sicheng heard Luo Zhan's voice, "Hello?"

"How did it go?"

"I figured it out. There were two test results in the system, both with your dad's name. However, the first one was marked 0.00% in the second one 72.31%. There was a lapse of time in between, but…"


"But I just checked the surveillance camera and found the footage being rigged. I could not find out when they did the test or with whom. It is tricky…"

"Is it Rong Rui again?"

"Very likely. He is getting better and better. Even I couldn't find out where he is or who he is. Quite terrifying. As if he had disappeared into thin air."

"I know who he is. You don't have to worry about it for now. Do me another favor."


"In Jiang Zhou, I have a property…" Li Sicheng suddenly paused. Li Beixing clearly noticed the sharp and calculative look in Li Sicheng's eyes. He was a bit shocked, feeling like his younger brother was getting more and more mysterious. What was he trying to do at this point?

Li Sicheng simply said, "I'll tell you later." Then he hung up and walked out. Li Beixing felt like it was inappropriate for him to stay in a woman's room, so he followed his brother out.

Hearing them going away, Su Qianci eventually opened his eyes and looked at the door, disappointed.

"Ma'am," Nanny Rong gladly asked, "do you need some water?"

Su Qianci shook her head and sat up in the bed, feeling terribly bitter.

Nanny Rong felt sorry for her. She had watched the couple getting closer and closer from the initial estrangement. And then this happened. Even she could not believe that Li Sicheng would do something like this! She was at a loss for words, not knowing how to comfort Su Qianci. Suddenly, Su Qianci gazed at the door.

A tall figure was standing there with a pregnant belly, looking at Su Qianci with a smile. It was her…