The 99th Divorce Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Lets Get A Divorce
Chapter 305: Let’s Get a Divorce
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Li Sicheng felt like his heart was sliced into a million pieces, bloody and broken. Gazing at her deeply, he fastened her seatbelt, shut the door, and sat in the driver's seat. His hands on the steering wheel, he pursed his lips and remained silent. He could clearly see the shape of her hand on his face from the back mirror.

What an eyesore.

Su Qianci leaned back and closed her eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Her hands stretched in utter weakness on her thighs.


The only sound in the car was their breathing.

When they arrived, Li Sicheng lifted her up and carried her upstairs, placing her in bed. They still did not speak. Lying in bed, she opened her eyes and looked at him. At the same time, he gazed at her.Their eyes were locked, both full of different emotions.

"I…" They spoke at the same time and stopped at the same time.

Li Sicheng was silent, gazing at her with his cold eyes.

Su Qianci's eyes were dry. Looking in his eyes, she said helplessly, "Let's get a divorce."

Glaring at her, he clenched his fists and blurted out, "No way!"

Let's get a divorce.

The simple sentence destroyed the calm that he had tried hard to maintain. Leaning over and looking down at her, he said decisively, "That's not my child. The woman must have tampered with the result. Tomorrow, I'll do a DNA test with her tomorrow."

She chuckled and pushed away. "You're joking. She could tamper with it, and so can you, Mr. Li."

He felt heartbroken and growled, "Su Qianci!"

"Yes, I'm listening." She moved in bed and found a better spot. Her eyes were puffy, and she had a mocking smile on her lips. Her attitude hurt him deeply. She did not believe him!

"Tang Mengying loves only you, and you know about that, right?" Su Qianci would remember that forever.

Having no idea that she would bring this up, Li Sicheng rebutted, "That doesn't mean anything."

"But it means everything to me." She gazed at him, her eyes full of sadness. "It is exhausting to be with you…" She should not have had any wishful thinking. A man like Li Sicheng should never belong to her. He and Tang Mengying were the perfect couple. She was the one who came between them and made Tang Mengying a mistress, carrying his son. However, how could Li Sicheng's son be a bastard? Even if Tang Mengying was willing to let that happen, Qin Shuhua would not. Instead of being a loser, she would rather make the first move. At least she got to keep the last bit of her dignity.

But he clenched his fists tighter and tighter. Hitting the bed, he cried, "It's impossible. Don't even think about it! I will prove it to you that I have never betrayed you. I have never touched her, and that baby has nothing to do with me." Then, he strode away and slammed the door behind him.