The 99th Divorce Chapter 306

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Su Qianci's heart thumped with the loud bang of the door. Looking at him leaving, she was dazed. After a while, she took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

Song Yifan had just boarded an airplane when he got Su Qianci's call. It was the first time that Su Qianci had called him, so Song Yifan was overjoyed. He immediately picked up and called, "Su Qianci!"

Hearing his voice, Su Qianci seemed to have found life-support in her helplessness. Tears dropping from her eyes, she cried, "Dad"

She was sobbing, which made him feel shocked, and he quickly asked, "What's wrong?"

Her voice was too broken to say anything. She burst into tears.

Song Yifan panicked. "What is it? Tell me."

Calming herself down, she said, "Can I stay with you for a couple of days? I"

"Of course. Where are you? I'll go pick you up. Don't cry and stay where you are."

Song Yifan took down the luggage that he had put in the overhead compartment. With the air hostesses gazing at him and asking him what was going on, he directly went off the plane and walked out of the airport.

Su Qianci was not waiting for Song Yifan in the house, but at a crossing that Li Sicheng would not drive past. There was only a change of clothes in her luggage. Song Yifan came in a taxi. Seeing her, he immediately asked the driver to stop. Seeing her swollen eyes, he did not dare to ask more, but instead put her luggage in the trunk, and took her to his home.

When getting Li Sicheng's call, Tang Mengying was getting her face treated in the hospital. Tang Mengying did not expect Li Sicheng to be visiting her, not in her wildest dream. This was a first since college. Although her face was swollen after being slapped by Su Qianci, Tang Mengying tried to squeeze a smile out for the unexpected surprise.

Li Xiao and Li Beixing were following Li Sicheng. Seeing them, Tang Mengying could no longer sustain her smile and asked reluctantly, "Brother Sicheng, do you need me for something?"

Glancing at her coldly, Li Sicheng said, "Follow me."

Feeling something was wrong, Tang Mengying asked nervously, "What happened? Can't we talk here?"

"Don't make me repeat myself."

Tang Mengying's eyelids twitched and immediately stood up. Li Sicheng's attitude toward her had not changed a bit. It had been more than three months since she was so close to him. Tang Mengying felt like reminiscing. Following Li Sicheng, Tang Mengying felt the surroundings looked more and more familiar.

She had been here yesterday and the day before yesterday. This was the genetics department. Tang Mengying stopped walking, as she had a bad presentiment. "Brother Sicheng, why are you taking me here?"

"To do a blood test."

At the same time, Cheng You had already walked over with a file in her hand. "Mr. Li, here are yesterday's test results."

Li Sicheng took it and looked at it. It was the same as what he saw yesterday. Curling his lips coldly, Li Sicheng's eyes were frosty. "How do you explain this test result?"

Tang Mengying's heart raced as she braced herself to ask, "What do you mean? The proof is right in front of you, do you still want to deny it?"

"Then how about this one?"

Tang Mengying took it and immediately saw the number on the report 0.00%.