The 99th Divorce Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Another Dna Test
Chapter 307: Another DNA Test
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As if she had touched something burning, Tang Mengying immediately threw away the test report and exclaimed, "Li Sicheng, what do you mean?" She was so loud that it was deafening. Li Xiao and Li Beixing did not expect Tang Mengying to be so emotional. She panted and said, "You could reject me. But why do you have to doubt me like this? Am I worthless in your eyes?"

Li Sicheng stood still indifferently. Cheng You was standing behind him, curling her lips in contempt.

Of course!

Cheng You had seen clearly in Australia what kind of person Tang Mengying was. If she had no self-respect, then there was nothing that could stop her.

"We will know for sure with another test," Li Xiao said seriously. "Both reports have my name on it, but the results were completely different. Could you explain to me, Ms. Tang, which one is mine?"

Tang Mengying became pale and suddenly lost her words. At this moment, a nurse came over. Seeing many people standing around, she looked nervous and said in a low voice, "Miss Cheng You"

Cheng You heard her and turned around.

The nurse looked anxious as she said, "The amniotic fluid sample collected from Mrs. Tang is lost. I could not find it. And also Mr. Li Xiao's"

Hearing that, everyone was shocked. Only Tang Mengying looked incredibly relieved.

Li Sicheng turned around and stared at Tang Mengying, wishing he could crush her right there.

Tang Mengying shuddered and stepped back. At the same time, a doctor wearing a white cloak and a pair of black rimmed glasses came by, shot a glance at them, and brushed past Tang Mengying without stopping.

"Then we should take another sample!" Li Sicheng's voice was cold.

The doctor looked back coldly at Li Sicheng. Noticing his glance, Li Sicheng turned his head. However, before Li Sicheng caught a glimpse of the doctor's face before he disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Hearing that, Tang Mengying became even more pale and shouted, "No!"

"You don't dare, do you?" Cheng You provoked.

"No, no!" Tang Mengying cried hysterically. "We can't do it!"

If she were to do it again, it would be a slap in her face. She needed her face, and so did the Tang family. The news of her pregnancy had been spread around in the entire Kingstown. If the results showed that it was not Li Sicheng's baby, then

No way!

The nurse quickly came over and said, "The fetus is less than four months old. One amniocentesis has been quite risky. If we do it again, it will very likely cause an abortion."

Hearing that, Tang Mengying let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, she felt a pain in her belly. Covering her belly and bending over, Tang Mengying immediately became pale.

The nurse was startled and quickly put her hands on Tang Mengying's arm. "Someone get a bed here for me."

No one saw that at the end of the corridor, the doctor who had just walked by was leaning against the wall, expressionless.