The 99th Divorce Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Mr. Rong Rui How Do You Do
Chapter 308: Mr. Rong Rui, How Do You Do
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The volatile emotions had made it hard for Tang Mengying to keep calm, which affected her baby.

"The debt you owe me could never be paid."

Thinking of what he said when they were standing in front of the genetics department, Tang Mengying couldn't help shuddering.

This guy was so daring!

The door was suddenly opened, which startled Tang Mengying. She jerked her head up. A man in white cloak walked inside. He was not too tall, a little over 5'8". Wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses, he looked serious and studious.

Seeing him, Tang Mengying was shocked and let out a yelp. "What are you doing here?"

The young man came close and took off his glasses, looking at Tang Mengying's face lovingly. "That woman hit you so hard. Damn her."

Pushing him away, Tang Mengying said, "What are you doing here? Li Sicheng knows about you. If you are recognized by him, neither of us would be safe."

"Relax. I have hacked all the surveillance cameras. Even if Li Sicheng is good, he could do nothing to me. However, if it was not for me, you would have been forced to do another DNA test by now. At that time, you will not be the only one ruined."

Knowing that was true, Tang Mengying asked, "Didn't you say you went home? Why are you still here? When did you come?"

"I sneaked out." Rong Rui pulled a chair to sit down. "Li Sicheng was even trying to find out things from my uncle. My uncle just called to ask me to go back and lay low. But I'm not scared."

Although he wasn't scared, Tang Mengying was very worried. "You think you are good? If it was not because you did all those things in secret and Li Sicheng did not know who you were, do you think you could still live like this? At times like this, you should listen to your uncle and lay low for a while. If Li Sicheng caught you"

"So what? What could he do?" Rong Rui said disdainfully. "Li Sicheng's father has the same rank as my uncle. His grandpa is a general, and so is my grandpa. I will not necessarily lose to him. Tang Mengying, I could not begin to understand what is so attractive about him to make you so obsessed and willing to give birth for him." Although she was not carrying Li Sicheng's child, Rong Rui still felt jealous.

"What are you planning to do now? You can't keep it forever." Rong Rui glanced at her belly. "If news got out that this baby is not Li Sicheng's, not only you, but your entire family will be destroyed."

Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and whispered to him, "Of course not. I will use Su Qianci's hands to get rid of it. At that time, I will blame her for the loss of my baby, and she will suffer for sure."

"As long as you know what you're doing."

Public opinion was the most terrifying thing.

"I do. You should leave now, and don't come back." Tang Mengying urged, full of fear.

Rong Rui felt a bit disappointed, pouted, and put the glasses back on before he left for the door.

However, the moment he opened the door, he saw two arrays of tall, strong men. Among them, Li Sicheng was gazing at Rong Rui coldly as he said, "Mr. Rong Rui, how do you do?"