The 99th Divorce Chapter 310

Chapter 310: She Ran Away
Chapter 310: She Ran Away
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The old man looked knowingly at her, clapped his hands, and said, "The old Captain has great luck. All his grandsons were very capable and one of them even has such a pretty wife. Your husband ranks the second, right?"


"I think he's the most impressive among his brothers. All his family are in the military, and he went into business despite everyone's objection, and became quite successful. That is great. You're very lucky to have married a guy like that."

Su Qianci smiled reluctantly.

Song Yifan gave her a light push and said to the old man, "The same old, double."

"Right away!" The old man's attention was diverted. "Two of Song's order."

Su Qianci heard that and immediately chuckled. What the heck was Song's order?

Seeing her smile, Song Yifan knew that he had taken her to the right place and explained, "I'm a frequent at this restaurant. They all know me and what my favorite is."

The restaurant had become popular because of Song Yifan's patronage. His reputation really worked for the business. The food was soon served. It was noodles with soybean paste. The paste was fantastic. Su Qianci took a pair of chopsticks and slowly stirred the noodles. Song Yifan was hungry, so he was eating fast. On the other hand, she was eating with small bites because of her bad mood.

It was past 8 PM, and it was dark outside. Su Qianci's phone rang and buzzed on the table. The screen showed: Darling. She turned the sound off. After the call went to voicemail, She turned off her phone and put it aside.

Seeing that, Song Yifan continued eating the noodles and asked, "Are you in a fight?"

Su Qianci did not answer and took another bite of the noodles.

Li Sicheng was about to go mad. As soon he went home, he searched the house inside and out without finding Su Qianci. She did not answer his call and even turned off her phone. Being timid, she did not have many friends or classmates that she would go to. Kingstown was so big, so where would she go? The first location Li Sicheng had in mind was her school. He asked Cheng You to look for her there.

And the second location Li Sicheng thought of was where Lu Yihan was. Thinking of the possibility that she might be spending time with Lu Yihan, Li Sicheng felt his heart flaming. Driving to Kingstown First Hospital, Li Sicheng found Lu Yihan's room and barged in. Lu Yihan was having an IV drip with a laptop in front of him. His hand without the needle in it was hitting the keyboard. Seeing Li Sicheng, he looked surprised and then sneered, "Mr. Li, how are you?"

"Where is she?"

"She?" Lu Yihan immediately thought of Su Qianci. "You're looking for Qianqian?"


The intimacy made Li Sicheng even more angry. "Did she come to visit you today?"

"Ha, with a husband like you, she doesn't even have the right to visit a friend, so how did she dare to visit me?" Lu Yihan stopped what he was doing. "She's missing?"

Li Sicheng pursed his lips and clenched his fists. Although he did not want to admit it, she might have run away without notifying anyone. He left Lu Yihan's room and saw a child playing with a toy piano. Li Sicheng paused for a second and thought of someone else.