The 99th Divorce Chapter 314

Chapter 314: He Came To Bring Her Home
Chapter 314: He Came to Bring Her Home
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Seeing him, Su Qianci's first reaction was to take her hand back. Moving quickly back inside, she wanted to shut the door. Li Sicheng acted faster. His hand held the door, not letting her shut it.

Su Qianci pushed it twice, and the door would not budge. Annoyed, she cried, "Dad, a hooligan is here!"

Startled, Song Yifan turned around. Seeing it was Li Sicheng, he was surprised but disregarded it. Continuing speaking in English, he seemed to be explaining something important over the phone.

"Put on your shoes!" Li Sicheng said coldly, displeased by Su Qianci's curled toes on the cold floor. Su Qianci gave him a push, but her hand was caught by him.

Holding her hand, Li Sicheng wanted to barge in. Su Qianci panicked and exclaimed, "Help, dad!"

Song Yifan heard that and quickly said goodbye via the phone and hung up.

Li Sicheng and Su Qianci were still in a deadlock. Furious, Su Qianci saw Song Yifan coming over and said, "Don't let him in!"

However, Li Sicheng simply wrapped his arm around her waist, lifted her up, and closed the door, disregarding Su Qianci's scream. Break-in successful.

Su Qianci did not have any means to fight back.

Amused, Song Yifan smiled.

Lifted up, she felt ashamed about being so weak. Seeing Song Yifan smiling, she bristled, "You did not save me."

Li Sicheng threw Su Qianci on the sofa and put her feet in his hands. Looking at Song Yifan, he said, "Daddy Song, I came to take my wife home."

Su Qianci wanted to take her feet back, but he tightened his grip on them.

"Let go of me!" Su Qianci sounded mad.

"Don't move," he commanded.

Li Sicheng's hands quickly warmed up Su Qianci's feet. Looking away, Su Qianci exclaimed at Song Yifan, "You sold me out!"

Sitting on the sofa not far from the couple, Song Yifan said innocently, "It wasn't me. I said nothing."

Li Sicheng pursed his lips, his hands rubbing her feet. "I found out about it myself. Let's go home now."

Su Qianci yanked her feet back madly, stood up, and went to her room.

Li Sicheng wanted to follow her, but Song Yifan stopped him. "Boy, let's talk."

Su Qianci slammed the door shut and locked it, lying in the bed and listening carefully. However, the room was so soundproof that she could hear nothing. Suddenly, she put on her shoes, opened the door a crack, and picked up something.

"I will fix it."

Su Qianci did not get much. She poked her head out, wanting to hear more, and then heard footsteps. Quickly shrinking back, she locked the door again and went in her bed.

Knock knock.

She buried her head in the comforter, not making a sound.

"Su Qianci, he's gone." Song Yifan's voice.

She got out of the comforter and felt bitter. What the heck? Didn't he come to take her home? Now he's gone? She felt so sullen that she wanted to burst into tears. Did he not care for her at all?