The 99th Divorce Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Going Home With Him
Chapter 316: Going Home with Him
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Su Qianci's cheeks were burning as she let him take her to the sofa. Taking the ice and towel from Li Sicheng, she wrapped the ice in the towel, grabbed his injured hand, and put it on his bruise. His hand caught by her soft fingers, although his fingers felt cold, his heart became warm. Looking gently at her, he whispered, "I found Rong Rui."

Su Qianci paused and looked at him surprised, "Rong Rui?"

"Yes, he and Tang Mengying are planning to get rid of the baby and then frame you for it. Don't get close to Tang Mengying for a while."

Su Qianci was slightly shocked. This was indeed what Tang Mengying would do. However, how did he learn that?

"You eavesdropped?"

Li Sicheng did not like that word, frowned and directed her, "to be exact, I listened openly." Unfortunately, it was not recorded. Otherwise, that would be enough to clear his name.

She blinked, looking confused.

He explained, "Rong Rui pretended to be a doctor and entered the hospital. When Tang Mengying was there, he was chatting with her."

So, he caught Rong Rui.

"You're keeping him hostage?"

Given how Li Sicheng did things, he was not someone who would let his enemy go. Indeed, he nodded with approval in his eyes. "Yes, somewhere secret."

"That won't work, right? If his family discovers it"

Rong Rui was from the capital. Although she did not know what he did, when Cheng You had given birth in Su Qianci's previous lifetime, Rong Rui's family had sent a dozen people over with an old man to name Cheng You's daughter. It was definitely a prominent family, probably the same as the Li family.

"That's exactly what I want."

Rong Rui overstepped his boundaries and hurt his wife, so Li Sicheng had never planned to let him off the hook. The Rong family and the Li family had always been equally prominent. Since the Rong family offended him first, it was only reasonable that he hit back.

Su Qianci was not the smartest pea in the pot, and she knew nothing about politics, so she chose to take Li Sicheng's words for it and asked, "Then how about Tang Mengying?"

The name was a tumor in Su Qianci's heart. As time passed by, it only grew worse.

"In the hospital." Li Sicheng wanted to say something more when his phone suddenly rang. It was Cheng You.

"Mr. Li, Mr. Rong pretended to have a seizure. I called a doctor, but he injured the doctor and took your mom hostage."

Since Li Sicheng did not put the call on speaker, Su Qianci could only hear Cheng You's voice, but not what she was saying.

She saw Li Sicheng's eyebrows knitted. Eventually, his eyes became darker as he asked, "My mom?"


"What is she doing there?"

Cheng You paused and said confused, "I thought you asked her to come"

Li Sicheng said in a deep voice, "I see. Calm him down, and I'll be right there."


Li Sicheng hung up and went off the sofa under Su Qianci's surprised gaze.


He looked down and rubbed her hair, saying gently, "Something came up. Rest here for a while and I'll pick you up after it's done."


Although Su Qianci did not know what had happened, it would not be anything trivial given how hurried Li Sicheng was. But, wasn't he going to take her home? She was ready to go home with him