The 99th Divorce Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Qin Shuhuas Secret
Chapter 318: Qin Shuhuas Secret
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Jiang Zhou was located at the edge of the city center of Kingstown. When Li Sicheng arrived at the house in Jiang Zhou, it was past 12 AM.

Sitting in the living room of the house, Cheng You yawned at Rong Rui who had been tied up and was still struggling. Hearing the doorbell, a nanny immediately went to open the door.

As Li Sicheng walked in, Rong Rui who was lying on his stomach sneered, "Bastard, you're finally here."

Li Sicheng did not pay him any attention and looked at Cheng You. "Where's my mother?"

"She was terrified, and I put her in a room to have a rest."

"Which room?"

Cheng You led her to the room where Qin Shuhua was. Qin Shuhua seemed to be startled, put her phone away, and said, "Why didn't you knock? You scared me."

Li Sicheng looked at the phone she was holding and asked, "Who were you calling?"

"Your dad." Qin Shuhua avoided eye contact and said, "I was scared to death. You took a member of the Rong family hostage. I must tell your father."

"There's no need. I have my plan. This guy murdered your grandson and almost got your daughter-in-law raped. Everything Tang Mengying did, he had a part in it."

Qin Shuhua looked shocked, covering her mouth with a hand and letting out a yelp. "That can't be true. Is it really him?"

"Yes," Li Sicheng replied quietly and walked up. "Are you okay? I will send you home now. Don't come here in the future."

Qin Shuhua shook her head, her eyes shifty, and said, "I heard you arranged a lot of staff here, so I came in check it out. But that guy lied to me"

"Did he lie to you, or did you let him out yourself, that no longer matters." Li Sicheng's voice was cold. "Mom, I know you like Tang Mengying. But I believe you have seen the video at the press conference. I will never like a woman like her, and even if I do, grandpa would never approve. You know very well how grandpa is over the years, and I hope you don't cross him."

Of course Qin Shuhua knew, but She had an unspeakable secret. She did not want Tang Mengying to blackmail her and harm her daughter-in-law, but Qin Shuhua sighed and said, "I see. I could go back myself. You stay here and handle this guy."

"I'll drive you. It's too late." Li Sicheng followed Qin Shuhua, taking a glance at her phone.

When they arrived at the living room, Rong Rui had already stood up. His hands were tied, but his legs were free. He was standing not far from the sofa, and a dozen bodyguards stood around him in a circle. Standing in the middle, Rong Rui looked at Li Sicheng and Qin Shuhua with a half smile.

Walking past the living room, Li Sicheng headed toward the door. Qin Shuhua followed him, but Rong Rui suddenly dashed at Qin Shuhua. Under the light, Cheng You clearly saw a silver reflection in his mouth. Her pupils shrank, and Cheng You exclaimed, "Watch out!" Seeing Rong Rui approaching her, Qin Shuhua was so terrified that she forgot to move. Suddenly, a weight was thrown on top of her. Qin Shuhua felt hugged by a strong body. Then, she heard Cheng You screaming out of terror.

Looking aside, Qin Shuhua saw red liquid splashing from Li Sicheng's body