The 99th Divorce Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Dont Tell Her What Happened Today
Chapter 319: Dont Tell Her What Happened Today
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No one had expected Rong Rui to have a weapon at this point. When passing by Rong Rui, Qin Shuhua did not keep her distance from him, but she ended up getting her son injured. Bursting into tears, Qin Shuhua put her hands on Li Sicheng and cried, "Sicheng!"

With a pale face, Cheng You watched the bodyguards tackle Rong Rui down instantly. One of them took the little thing out of his mouth. Cheng You squatted and examined it, finding it to be a switchblade. It was very small, about 2 inches long, but the blade was sharp. The whole weapon was covered in blood.

The sleeve of Li Sicheng's dark suit was drenched in blood. He suddenly became pale. Noticing how emotional Qin Shuhua was, Li Sicheng said calmly, "Mom, I'm okay."

Qin Shuhua panicked and looked at his wound, sobbing, "Okay? You're bleeding so much. Call an ambulance right away!"

Li Sicheng became more and more pale. Blood flowed down her his sleeve. Sucking in cold air, he said, "It's okay. Don't cry. Cheng You, you take my mom back."

"Will do," Cheng You said.

"Hunter, get me to the hospital." Li Sicheng was hardly conscious. His hand on the wound was bloody.

With a hand over her mouth, Qin Shuhua wailed. Seeing Rong Rui under the bodyguards control, she strode over and slapped his face hard several times. "You ungrateful asshole!" She almost listened to Tang Mengying and set him free. She had no idea that this guy would launch a deadly attack. If the weapon hit elsewhere, Li Sicheng could be dead. The more she thought about it, the more scared Qin Shuhua felt. Kicking his stomach, she cursed, "Scumbag!"

Rong Rui let out a scream but then laughed happily.

Cheng You gave him a stare and cursed, "Pervert!"

Gazing at him deeply, Li Sicheng looked as calm as ever. Devil-may-care attitude, sinister way of doing things, a good hacker, was the impression Li Sicheng had about Rong Rui. No matter how tough the Li family were, they were the military and the backbone of the country.

Li Sicheng had always followed Captain Li's teaching: Don't attack unless under attack. When he just caught Rong Rui, Li Sicheng was in a hurry to find Su Qianci and had no time to deal with him. He had no idea that Rong Rui would be so sick. Carrying a weapon was normal, but he hid a switchblade in his mouth? This style simply did not look like it belonged to the offspring of a general.

However, Li Sicheng did not have time to think much. More and more blood came out of his wound and he was only half conscious. Looking at Cheng You, he said, "Do not tell my wife about what happened. And mom, you don't tell the family either" His voice became weaker and weaker. The hunter saw that and carried Li Sicheng on his shoulder, running out of the door.

After his wound had been treated, it was early in the morning. Li Sicheng passed out because of the loss of blood. Luckily, no nerves were injured. After stitches and blood transfusion, he was sent to the ICU.

In her dream, Li Sicheng was fighting Rong Rui. Su Qianci was exclaiming but unable to make them stop. All of a sudden, a huge explosion made most of them disappear, with nothing left. Soaked in cold sweat and immense terror, she opened her eyes abruptly, feeling her heart hammering in her chest.