The 99th Divorce Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Lets Destroy The Enemy
Chapter 320: Lets Destroy The Enemy
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Such a horrendous nightmare, with no presentiment at all. It was the first time Su Qianci had this kind of dream, which made her feel even more anxious. She took up her phone and called Li Sicheng's cell, but no one picked up. Su Qianci felt even more worried. Why no answer at this time? She checked the time, and it was 2 AM.

Li Sicheng had always been a light sleeper. If he heard his cell phone ringing, he would definitely pick up. Was it powered off, or was there no signal? Her mind a mess, the fifth time Su Qianci called, the call went through.


Hearing Li Sicheng's voice, Su Qianci immediately felt relaxed. Her eyes wet, she asked, "What took you so long?"

"I'm in a meeting with an American partner. Tomorrow I might go on a business trip."

Su Qianci heard that and felt skeptical. As she remembered, he did not have any important project going on.

Why is he suddenly so busy?

"What project requires a meeting at 2 AM? You don't sleep well these days. Go to bed early."

"Why are you still up?"

"I can't sleep, had a nightmare." Su Qianci felt upset and curled up her body, placing her chin on her knees. "I dreamed of you fighting with Rong Rui and then something bad happened."

Li Sicheng froze and glanced at the hunter was on the side. The hunter blinked and felt puzzled.

"Little fool, dreams are the opposite of reality. That means I'm very well."

Hearing that, Su Qianci felt relaxed and said, "Right, you go to bed now. I won't disturb you. When is your flight?"

"6 AM."

"Rest well on the plane then."

"Will do. Good night."

"Good night."

After hanging up, Li Sicheng gazed at the hunter sharply. "You told her?"

"Who?" The hunter asked and immediately realized who it was. "No, she called a couple of times and I did not dare to pick it up."

Li Sicheng had eventually woken up and took her call.v"Tell Cheng You to keep her in the dark. I don't want her worried about me." Then, he lifted the sheet and went out of bed.

The hunter was startled and said, "Mr. Li, the doctor said you should remain still. The wound is deep."

"I'm going to the bathroom."

"Okay, I'll help you get there."

"I'm married."

The hunter felt awkward.

You can't even have a man helping you to the bathroom after getting married? That is way too strict, man.

However, the hunter did not insist. Walking out of the room, he called Cheng You. Cheng You was sitting in the living room, looking at Rong Rui who was pig tied and unable to move even his fingers.

"I see. She did not call me. Even if she does, I will not tell her." Cheng You yawned, feeling drowsy. "All right, bye."

Cheng You drifted off on the sofa. A little past 3 AM, the door was opened, and Cheng You was awakened in terror. The visitor was Mr. Li! "Aren't you" Staying at the hospital?

Li Sicheng did not look at Cheng You, but Rong Rui who was sound asleep on the floor.

"Close the door. Let's destroy the enemy." Li Sicheng walked steadily, his face stern, as intimidating as always. Because of his pale complexion, he looked even more colder. The hunter closed the door hurriedly and heard Li Sicheng's command, "Keep him alive, and you could do whatever you like with him." All the bodyguards were unable to speak. Hearing Li Sicheng's command, all of their eyes lit up.

Whatever they like?