The 99th Divorce Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Unspeakable
Chapter 321: Unspeakable
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Rong Rui had been awake since Li Sicheng said the first thing.

Hearing the sick command from Li Sicheng, Rong Rui shuddered and yelled, "Li Sicheng! My family name is Rong, and Rong Haiyue is my uncle. My grandpa is Rong Jingsheng. If you did anything to me, neither my uncle nor my grandpa would forgive you."

Hearing that, Li Sicheng curled his lips and said calmly, "Is that right? I am only playing with a thief that barged in my property. What does that have to do with them?"

Hearing that, Rong Rui panicked. Indeed, Kingstown was the Li family's territory. Rong Rui was, after all, an outlander. Even though the Rong family had a superb status in the capital, they were about as prominent as the Li family. Also, he crossed the Li family first Did he have to suffer today? Rong Rui became pale and cried anxiously, "Li Sicheng!"

"Do it." The cold words made the bodyguards who had suppressed their desire for years excited again.

Warming up their bodies, they approached Rong Rui with smiles on their faces.

Terrified, Cheng You shuddered.

"You should go back now. You can come to work in the afternoon tomorrow. Rest well."

The thoughtful words from the boss moved Cheng You. Nodding hurriedly, she quickly went home.

The hunter was intrigued. Crossing his arms, he asked, "Boss, do you think these bodyguards like men?"

Rong Rui was like a little white rabbit in a wolf den. His terrified look naturally made him a zero. Poor thing!

Watching it coldly, Li Sicheng said, "I know they do."

The hunters felt his knees became weak, almost making him collapse. He knew? What? These bodyguards had always liked men? What a bomb! The hunter took more pity on Rong Rui and felt terrified at the same time.

Luckily, he did not completely fail at the task last time. Otherwise, would the boss "reward" these horny bodyguards with the hunter himself?

"Ah!" Rong Rui let out a scream as he got punched in the face hard. Next, he was untied. Struggling with his whole body, Rong Rui wanted to run away. However, medium in height and stature, he was not the match of the tall and strong bodyguards at all.

A bodyguard pushed him down and pinned him to the floor. Bending a knee and pressing it against Rong Rui's waist, the bodyguards slapped him hard in the face under his panicked gaze.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Then, another bodyguard lifted him up and tore his clothes apart.

Terrified, Rong Rui yelled hurriedly, "Li Sicheng, let'sah... talk!"

Li Sicheng did not respond, gazing at him coldly. Rong Rui's pants were pulled down. Sobbing, he exclaimed desperately, "Li Sicheng I'm the young master of the Rong family. You can't do this to me. IAh!"

His scream was penetrating. Feeling it was hard to look at, the hunter clenched his legs and said, "Boss, is this too much? That guy is"

"Do you want to try it?"

The hunter immediately shut up and stepped back silently. Near him, Rong Rui screamed again. The hunter saw him hanging upside down nude by a bodyguard who grabbed his ankles. R-rated for sure.