The 99th Divorce Chapter 322

Chapter 322: A Dozen At A Time
Chapter 322: A Dozen at a Time
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Covering his face, the hunter did not have the heart to continue watching. A dozen hunky bodyguards! If they went in together It would be hard to position everyone But if they went one by one, it would

Feeling sorry for Rong Rui, the hunter saw Li Sicheng was very calm, as if he felt nothing about what was about to happen. Each individual was so different, and each man was so different. There was such a huge gap between the boss and him, the hunter thought.

Lifted up, Rong Rui cried, "Li Sicheng, you will regret this ah Don't touch me there. Pervert! Let go!"

As he said that, the bodyguard who grabbed him by his ankles really let go. With a huge bang, Rong Rui fell on the floor face first. His nose was knocked against the floor, making him feel sore. He immediately tasted blood.

Then, a bodyguard sat on top of his body. Rong Rui clearly felt that his manhood was getting hard against his own skin. Wriggling like crazy, Rong Rui cried, "No, no! Li Sicheng! You are heartless and will be punished!"

"You are cursing me?" Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow, chuckled, and glanced at him carelessly. Sitting on the sofa, he almost looked like a god with his delicate features and the warm lighting behind him. Li Sicheng crossed his legs and said slowly, "You want me to let you go?"

Of course! No one wanted to be sodomized by men, not to mention a dozen at the same time! If he was really raped by them Rong Rui probably wouldn't survive.

"Beg me." Two words fell from Li Sicheng's thin lips.

Staring at him, Rong Rui gritted his teeth and did not speak.

"We will see if Young Master Rong is sincere."

Rong Rui looked conflicted. Suddenly, the men sitting on top of him moved, which terrified Rong Rui, who then exclaimed, "I beg you."

Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow, looking at him calmly.

"I beg you, Li Sicheng. Please let me go!" Rong Rui's face was flushed as he looked at Li Sicheng and said, "please let me go! I will never cross you again in the future. I swear in the name of my family. If I go against my promise, let me be stricken by a lightning bolt."

Li Sicheng looked satisfactory. But he still curled his lips and said, "It seems that Young Master Rong does not know what begging is."

Rong Rui's expression changed as he gritted his teeth. "Don't be greedy!"

Li Sicheng waved his hand, and the bodyguard on top of him moved his hips again.

"Wait!" Rong Rui felt terrible facing a man without anything covering his lower body. "Let him go away first."

Hearing that, Li Sicheng gestured the bodyguard to go. The bodyguard got up, and Rong Rui stood up before he kneeled toward Li Sicheng, gritted his teeth, and said, "A man should never bend his knees, but I only have one life. Li Sicheng, please let me go."

"I was not asking for this."

Bristling, Rong Rui rushed to him. Before he did, several bodyguards moved him away. Rong Rui cursed, "Motherf**ker! Li Sicheng, you playing with me?"

Li Sicheng slowly took out his phone, showed it to Rong Rui, and then dialed Tang Mengying's number.

Looking at Rong Rui, he said slowly, "Whether to let you go, the decision is hers. If she is willing to save you, you will be fine. However, if" he said, and glanced at the bodyguards behind Rong Rui, curling his lips. His meaning was clear.