The 99th Divorce Chapter 323

Chapter 323: This Man Was More Intimidating Than He Had Thought
Chapter 323: This Man Was More Intimidating Than He Had Thought
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Rong Rui struggled hard, but the bodyguards behind him overpowered him easily.

Gritting his teeth, Rong Rui cursed, "You are shameless, Li Sicheng!"

Tang Mengying quickly picked up. Li Sicheng put the call on speaker, gave the bodyguards a gesture, who then muffled Rong Rui, not allowing him to make any sound.

"Hello" Tang Mengying's voice sounded surprised and anxious. She checked the time, and it was past 3 AM. Why did he call her at this hour? "Brother Sicheng, is it you?"

"It's me." Leaning against the sofa, Li Sicheng watched Rong Rui was struggling harder and harder and asked slowly, "Did my mom tell you?"

Tang Mengying's heart thumped. Did he find out about something? Scared, she asked carefully, "What did auntie tell you?"

"I'm injured, stabbed by Rong Rui when I hit him."

It was the first time Tang Mengying had heard about it. Startled, she immediately asked, "Are you okay? Where is the injury? Is it serious?"

The series of questions sounded very concerned. However, her focus was on "Li Sicheng being stabbed" rather than "Rong Rui being hit." Clearly noticing the difference, Rong Rui felt very upset, wanting to warn her not to fall for his trap. However, the bodyguards held him down, not letting him do anything.

Li Sicheng changed the position, appreciating Rong Rui's look, and replied, "It is pretty serious. My artery was hurt." That was the truth, but it was not really Li Sicheng's style to say it out loud.

The hunter knew that well, feeling sad for Tang Mengying and Rong Rui. Although he did not know what the boss was up to, it would not be anything kind.

Without a doubt, Tang Mengying said hurriedly, "What do we do now? Where are you?"

"Jiang Zhou, House 2097."

"Okay, I'll call you an ambulance right away."

"There is no need. I have had the wound dressed already. Just come here alone," Li Sicheng said.

Tang Mengying was dazed. "Me?"

"Yes, I want to see you."

Tang Mengying's heart immediately raised as she said incredulously, "Brother Sicheng"

"If it's not convenient"

"It is!" Tang Mengying said hurriedly, but then realized she was too eager. A little shy, she whispered, "I'll be right there. Wait for me, Brother Sicheng!"

Hanging up, Li Sicheng looked at Rong Rui who had quieted down. "She's about to be here. How do you think she will choose?"

The bodyguard removed his hand on Rong Rui's mouth, and the latter immediately screamed, "What the hell do you want?"

Why did he trick Tang Mengying to come here? To brag about her commitment in loving him? Or, was Li Sicheng trying to show off his charm and tell Rong Rui that the woman he loved was into Li Sicheng?

Thinking of Tang Mengying's surprised and joyful tone, Rong Rui's heart ached. She was never like that with him

Li Sicheng smiled, his eyes dark and deep. "You will know that in a second."

Seeing Li Sicheng's look, Rong Rui couldn't help feeling like he was in danger. This man was even more intimidating than Rong Rui had thought. He had a bad feeling, but no matter how hard he tried, he had no idea what Li Sicheng was up to.

What did he want?