The 99th Divorce Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Making Things Up
Chapter 324: Making Things Up
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When Tang Mengying arrived, it was four in the morning. She immediately heard Rong Rui screaming as she entered the house. Shocked, Tang Mengying walked inside and saw Rong Rui surrounded by a dozen bodyguards, kneeling on the floor, wearing nothing waist down. Quickly looking away, Tang Mengying gazed at Li Sicheng.

Seeing the blood on Li Sicheng's hand, she asked nervously, "Brother Sicheng, are you okay?"

Li Sicheng did not answer, but said, "Get Miss Tang some water."

The hunter went to find a bottled water and placed it in front of Tang Mengying. "We only have this."

A bit upset about this perfunctory attitude, Tang Mengying complained to Li Sicheng with her eyes, hoping to get justice from him.

However, Li Sicheng ignored her and said, "Rong Rui confessed everything."

Hearing that, Tang Mengying was dazed, and so was Rong Rui. Confessed, what did he confess? Feeling anxious, Tang Mengying avoided eye contact. "What, what does that mean?"

"Young Master Rong said that your baby is not mine. He changed the DNA test results himself and hacked into the internal records of the genetics department. That was why the test report only showed the number of 72.31%."

Tang Mengying's expression changed as she gazed at Rong Rui. Rong Rui's expression also changed. He had no idea that Li Sicheng called Tang Mengying over for this.

He was just making things up!

"Youhmmmm" Before he said anything, the bodyguards muffled Rong Rui again. He could not set himself free no matter how much he struggled.

"He also said that in fact, your baby's father is a foreigner, which was clearly shown in the video that Rong Rui had hacked. And your plan next is to find a chance to bump into my wife and frame her for your baby's abortion."

"Nonsense!" Turning pale, Tang Mengying stood up abruptly. "Why would I ever do something like that? Brother Sicheng, I really love you. This baby is really yours. Also, I am good friends with Su Qianci. Even if we are not on the best terms now, I would never do something like that" Tang Mengying looked aggrieved. "Brother Sicheng, we grew up together. Don't you know me? How could I ever do anything like that?" She did not know how much he had heard of the conversation between Rong Rui and her in the afternoon. However, judging from Li Sicheng's attitude now, she believed he had not heard much. Decisively, Tang Mengying denied everything. "Even if you don't believe me, you should believe auntie. She was there when I did the DNA test. No matter what, you should trust your mother, right?"

"He hacked the surveillance camera and data, so it doesn't matter what you say."

Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and said to Rong Rui, "why did you set me up? I know how you feel about me, but you cannot hurt me like this. Don't you know how much this means to a woman?"

Rong Rui struggled less and less, staring at her.

"Rong Rui, I have had enough."

"So The things he did had nothing to do with you?" Li Sicheng asked softly.


"But he says he works together with you."

"Nonsense!" Tang Mengying denied it and said hurriedly, "Brother Sicheng, I'm not that kind of person!"

"Great." Looking at her coldly, Li Sicheng said in a small voice, "I said that if everything he told was true, I was going to let him go. If he lied to me I will reward my men with his body." Then he added, "All these bodyguards like men, and they are especially interested in Rong Rui."

Tang Mengying's pupils shrank as she was shocked to see the strong bodyguards behind Rong Rui.

With a complex look on his face, Rong Rui looked at Tang Mengying and begged, "Tang Mengying, I don't want to die. Save me"

"l'll ask you one last time. Did he tell me the truth, or not?"

In other words, what would happen to Rong Rui was Tang Mengying's decision. If everything was true, then Rong Rui got to live. If not, then