The 99th Divorce Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Falling Into Li Sichengs Trap
Chapter 327: Falling Into Li Sichengs Trap
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Suicide! Hearing that word, Tang Mengying's heart thumped.

Seeing the bodyguard nodding, Li Sicheng looked at her and saw that her hand was over her mouth. She was appalled and afraid, but there was no sadness or regret in her look. Li Sicheng felt he had seen through how she felt about Rong Rui and couldn't help feeling sorry for the guy. With a gesture, he said calmly, "Take him to the hospital."

Three days. Rong Rui had been trapped there for three days. Handcuffed to the bed, he was only taken to the bathroom by two strong guards when necessary. The rest of the time, he was trapped in bed without freedom. Staring at the ceiling, Rong Rui had a blank look. Without being sent to the hospital, he was actually brought to another property under Li Sicheng's name. Two guards were always at the door and two nannies were always next to his bed. He had to admit that Li Sicheng was thoughtful and sly. Rong Rui had never known that someone could be so wicked. Li Sicheng set him and Tang Mengying up and treated him like a fool.

After being pulled into that room by the bodyguards, Rong Rui thought he would really be sodomized. However, they set him in front of a screen, which showed Tang Mengying's expression clearly. Her fear, joy, calculation, shock, and her look after hearing he had committed suicide Everything made him feel desperate. He had thought that she would see what he had done for her. He had thought that she would know that, no matter how ruthless she was. However, the reality was like one slap after another, hitting his face hard.

"Ha Ha ha ha" Rong Rui stared at the ceiling, laughing. Tears fell from his eyes. He was like a wounded joker, pathetic and laughable.

"Hey hey, what is this about?" A teasing voice made him turn his head toward the door. It was the special assistant of Li Sicheng, the woman that had two encounters with him. Looking at him, Cheng You suggested with a pretty smile, "shall we have a talk?"

Rong Rui was sent to the hospital, and Li Sicheng immediately left. Tang Mengying had a good night of sleep in the room he arranged for her. When she woke up, it was noon. Stretching her arms, she was greeted by a housemaid before she said anything. The maid was respectful and humble. She felt like a royal concubine in ancient times! Utterly satisfied, she squinted her eyes, enjoying the maid's service. During the whole time, she did not say anything to the maid.

After washing and breakfast, Tang Mengying strolled to the garden, finding the front yard and backyard were surrounded by beautiful murals 6 feet tall. Two maids quietly followed her as she walked around the property. In the afternoon, she returned to her room satisfactorily. Pushing the windows open, she wanted to look at the view outside, but found that she could only see the garden and a thick wall. A legend of the Roman Empire was painted on the wall. Summer had passed, but the garden was still lush and full of flowers. The wind brushed by the grass and flowers.

Tang Mengying felt something was off. But what was it?