The 99th Divorce Chapter 328

Chapter 328: So Big So Good
Chapter 328: So Big, So Good
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Leaving the window open, Tang Mengying sat on the bed. She selected the photos she had just taken and sent them to Su Qianci via her phone.

The first class in the afternoon had just started, and Su Qianci's cell phone rang nonstop as the professor walked in. She was mortified. She quickly apologized and silenced her phone. As her phone buzzed, she saw notifications that she had received pictures.

They were sent from Tang Mengying.

Su Qianci did not even want to look at them. When she was about to put the cell phone in her bag and focus herself on the lecture, a line of text popped out: Look, this is a gift from Brother Sicheng

She frowned and tapped on it. The whole text showed: Look, this is a gift from Brother Sicheng, a house so big, so good

More than twenty photos. She looked through them. It was the property in Jiang Zhou, where grandpa had passed away in her previous lifetime. It had indeed been Li Sicheng's property. After their divorce in her previous lifetime, it had been given to her as part of the alimony. However, why would Li Sicheng give the property to Tang Mengying?

While Su Qianci was dazed, her phone buzzed again. Tang Mengying: Have to go now. Brother Sicheng is here to see me [smile] [naughty]

Seeing that, Su Qianci frowned again. Li Sicheng was there to see her? Now? Wasn't he on a business trip?

Su Qianci: [smile]

After one or two minutes, Tang Mengying replied with nothing but a selfie. In the photo, Tang Mengying looked a bit pale because of her pregnancy. However, she had a brilliant smile on her face. The side of her face looked gorgeous. Behind her, a familiar tall figure was right there. His face cold as always, Li Sicheng was looking down at some documents in front of him, looking like he was working. He had his back toward the camera, which meant Tang Mengying was taking the selfie secretly behind him.

Judging by the decoration and background, the house was his style, looking exactly the same as the place that Su Qianci had moved into in her last lifetime. She tightened her grip on the phone, looking at the man in the photo incredulously.

This is Li Sicheng Isn't he on a business trip? Shouldn't he be on a flight? Why is he in the property in Jiang Zhou? And why is he with Tang Mengying?

Sitting through the lecture with an uneasy mind, she quickly called Li Sicheng when the class was over. His phone was powered off.

Then she called Cheng You, who quickly picked up, "Hello, Mrs. Li."

After a second of silence, Su Qianci said, "Cheng You, I want to ask you something and I hope you can answer me honestly."

Normally, nothing good would follow that sentence. Cheng You became focused and said, "Absolutely."

"Where is Mr. Li?"

Cheng You suddenly had some bad presentiments. Why did she feel that Su Qianci had learned everything? However, with some thought, Cheng You still said what she was supposed to say, "He has gone to the US for a meeting. It would probably take him a while. He should be on a flight right now."


She felt even more nervous. However, as a professional executive assistant, she said calmly, "Yes."

"Okay, thank you."

Hanging up, Su Qianci lost her calm, her head filled with one thought: He lied to her