The 99th Divorce Chapter 330

Chapter 330: An Unprecedented Surprise For Her
Chapter 330: An Unprecedented Surprise For Her
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Su Qianci felt like a hedgehog was stuffed into her heart, making it all broken and bloody. It hurt so bad that she felt it was torn apart. Warm liquid came to her eyes and then fell.

He lied to her. He did!

He was really here with Tang Mengying! But why? Wasn't he supposed to be on a business trip? Wasn't he supposed to be in America? Even Cheng You lied to her

Su Qianci took out her phone and dialed the number that she had configured to stay on top of all time.

This time, his phone was no longer powered off. She checked the time and it was past 9 PM. She chuckled sarcastically. What a professional conman! At this hour, the plane was supposed to arrive at New York. The fact that had turned his phone on was really convincing. The call quickly went through. Before he said anything, Su Qianci called him "darling."

Li Sicheng had no idea that Su Qianci would be so endearing. Hearing that word made his bad mood go away. He relaxed his eyebrows and called her "sweetheart." His voice was quiet, but it was full of love and care. However, in Su Qianci's ears, it sounded like the worst punishment, crushing all her dignity.

"You are on that business trip today?"

"Yes" Li Sicheng paused, as if he was thinking. A second later, he said, "I just got off the flight."


Su Qianci's heart twitched, and her tears fell like a river. Covering her mouth immediately, she was afraid that she would weep.

"What's wrong?" Li Sicheng asked gently and intimately. "Is your class over?"

Seeing her tears, the taxi driver gave her a tissue thoughtfully. She used the tissue to dry her tears, took a deep breath, and tried to make herself sound calm. "Right. You know, I just saw someone who looked really like you. I thought it was you, but it turns out that I made a mistake."

Li Sicheng sounded like he was in a great mood and teased, "So, you missed me?"

Su Qianci's eyebrows were knitted. Her face blushed, she kept silent for about four or five second before she answered slowly, "No, not at all."

"You don't have to lie. I won't laugh at you." Li Sicheng leaned back against the seat and said in a deep voice, "I miss you too."

"Liar" Su Qianci blinked, and hot tears fell again. She couldn't help sobbing slightly, "Mr. Li, I'm so tired." So so tired She felt she could no longer handle this love for him. He did not want her. He did not like her. She knew it. She had always known it. However, why did he lie to her? If he was in love with Tang Mengying, why did he have to torture her in such a cruel way?

"What is wrong?" Li Sicheng frowned and asked caringly, "Is it the pressure from school?"

"I miss you."

Li Sicheng relaxed and whispered, "I'll be back very soon. Be a good girl."

Su Qianci pressed her hand against her mouth, remain silent, and hung up. Eventually, she could no longer stop herself from crying out loud.

Hanging up, Li Sicheng felt his heart was warm. This woman

He could not help curling his lips. However, the hunter cried, "Boss, your arm is bleeding again."

Li Sicheng glanced at it. He did not even notice when it started to bleed. At the same time, he felt relieved. Fortunately, he was "on a business trip." Otherwise, she would be so worried if she saw him.

"Go to the hospital."

The hunter got the command and drove to Kingston First Military Hospital.

"It's time to start planning for the wedding." Feeling a bit dizzy, Li Sicheng looked out of the window and whispered to himself. "I want to give her an unprecedented surprise."