The 99th Divorce Chapter 335

Chapter 335 So So Deep

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Standing under the dim street lamp, Li Sicheng was wearing a long, grey trench coat. The light cast a long shadow of his figure on her body. Seeing her walking together with Lu Yihan, Li Sicheng’s cold eyes became even more freezing, like two winter ponds.

Seeing him, Lu Yihan immediately thought of the unreasonable beating last time. Although he felt terrible, Li Sicheng was still Su Qianci’s husband, and Lu Yihan had to put up with him. Originally, he wanted to go upstairs, get something to drink and check out what Qianqian’s daddy was like. Seeing Li Sicheng’s unkind look, he knew it was not the right place to stay and said, “Qianqian, I’ll leave now.”

“All right. Thank you for today, Yihan.”

“You’re welcome. Bye now.” Then, he walked down the stairs and walked to his red Renault with the keys dangling from his finger.

Li Sicheng had not said anything. He slowly took out a packet of cigarettes, drew one, slowly lit it, and took a puff. As if she did not see him, Su Qianci took out the key card, swiped it, and walked inside the building. He followed her, but she walked fast as if she was running away from something, went into the elevator, and pressed the door-close button. A hand reached between the doors and its owner then followed. Squeezing himself in the elevator, he gazed at her with his cold, sharp eyes.

Without looking at him, Su Qianci pressed 16, as if he did not exist. Li Sicheng walked closer, and she backed off terrified, hitting against the elevator wall. With a hand on the wall, he leaned close to her. A cigarette was between his long fingers. Smoke slowly rose. Soon, the smell filled the elevator. As he narrowed his eyes, she felt danger was approaching.

“You’re hiding from me?” Li Sicheng gazed at her and asked in a deep voice.

Su Qianci’s breath suddenly quickened, but she turned away, not looking at or talking to him.


The elevator arrived at the sixteenth floor. Su Qianci wanted to get past him, but her arm was caught. He used great strength, and her arm was hurting.

“Let go of me!” She almost sobbed. Her voice even startled herself. Looking back, she saw those eyes of his and felt she was about to drown in them, because they were so, so deep Struggling, Su Qianci got rid of him and ran toward the door of the apartment. She quickly searched her purse, but in a fret, she could not find her keys. Her heart raced as she felt Li Sicheng was behind her. However, the keys were still nowhere to be found

A puff of smoke was blown past her ear with tobacco scent, tickling her face. Her heart shuddered, and for some reason, she could no longer fight her feelings and doubled over. Her eyes became blurry. She gritted her teeth and emptied her purse on the floor. Cell phone, key card, makeup, wallet, and in the end, her keys fell on the floor with a clank.

“Here it is.” Su Qianci smiled, but a teardrop she had kept in her eyes suddenly fell