The 99th Divorce Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Want To Choke You To Death

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Li Sicheng tightened his grip on her hand. Gazing at her coldly, he asked, “What is this supposed to mean?”

Su Qianci’s hand was caught by him, and her chin squeezed. Looking up, she saw his incredibly cold eyes. There seemed to be a storm going on in them, almost swallowing her. Her heart shuddered. She looked at him and continued to lift up her tank top.

Li Sicheng yanked her up and gritted her teeth, barking, “What is this supposed to mean?”

She thought he came here just to sleep with her? Leaning against the cold wall, she shuddered. Facing the incoming storm that was going to break her, she sneered reluctantly, and said with contempt, “Why are you still pretending? Your mistress cannot satisfy you, and that is why you’re here to look for me. Isn’t that right?”

Your mistress?

Li Sicheng felt like his heart was bitten by a rabid dog, suddenly missing a piece. It was bloody and broken. Tightening his grip on her chin, Li Sicheng punched the wall next to her ear, hard.


The noise made Su Qianci shake. Her knees went weak and almost gave up. However, she did not allow herself to fall. Biting her bottom lip, she gazed at him stubbornly, shuddering almost invisibly.

Looking at her, Li Sicheng sneered, bent over, and picked up the jacket that Su Qianci had dropped. Her eyelashes fluttered. Tears fell on his hair. He paused, but quickly picked the jacket up. When he saw her shuddering with fear like a hedgehog in front of an enemy, his heart twitched. Throwing the jacket at her face, Li Sicheng bristled in a deep voice, “I really want to choke you to death.”

He sounded so gloomy that Su Qianci cringed.

Seeing that, Li Sicheng suddenly chuckled. “I must be crazy to let you trample on my heart like this.” His deep voice rang in the hallway.

With the jacket on her face, Su Qianci could only hear him walking away. She took down the jacket when she heard the ding of the elevator. Gazing at the empty hallway, she was at loss. After a long while, she took her keys out and opened the door. Throwing herself in the bed in a trance, she stared at the ceiling with a blank mind. Her head was hurting so much

After lying in the bed for a while, she took her cell phone out of her purse, found Li Sicheng’s number, and send a few text messages:

“Mr. Li, I know all about the secret of your business trip.”

“Mr. Li, your mother came to see me today. She tried to force me to have a divorce with you using our contract. I refused her and made quite a speech. I never knew that I’m such a talker.”

“Mr. Li, I will not divorce you. It’s over five months until the agreed time in the contract, and I will set you free then.”

“Li Sicheng, I love you.”

Cheng You felt she could not understand what had happened.


Her boss who had always been calm went to a bar with that kind of injury. He did not only drink, but also got in a bar fight, making the other guy end up in a hospital. And his own wound that had just scarred was ripped again.