The 99th Divorce Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Broken Is Broken

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Hearing Captain Li, Li Sicheng frowned and said slowly, “She will not go with me.”

“Well, that’s none of my business. But if I don’t see you guys back today, I will definitely have high blood pressure and a heart attack. You will be responsible for my death!”


“If you know I’m your grandpa, you should behave yourself. It must be your fault again. Qianqian is such a good girl. How can you be in a fight with her all the time? Why can’t you have a talk instead of fighting? Do you want to kill me?”


“Zip it! I won’t listen to you. You have an hour to take your wife to the old house for dinner. If I don’t see you later, then then I will skip dinner and starve myself!”

Liu Sao couldn’t help chuckling secretly. Captain Li was acting so childish at his age A trick like starving himself?

However, that was the one thing Li Sicheng could not fight. With a sigh, Li Sicheng answered, “Got it. I won’t let you starve.”

“That’s better.” Captain Li hung up with satisfaction, walked back to the sofa with his cane.

However, the more he thought about it, the worse he felt. Suddenly, he asked, “Damn. How long did Nanny Rong say they have been away?”

Liu Sao thought about it and replied, “Half a month”

Li Sicheng hung up and let out a sigh. After handing the remaining tasks to Cheng You, he did not really have too much to do. However, Li Sicheng was still working on his documents on his seat.

After running some errands, Cheng You went back to the office and saw Li Sicheng still sitting there. Feeling surprised, she asked, “Mr. Li, aren’t you going back to the old house?”

“Yes” Li Sicheng answered, looked up, and said, “Ask Yang to call her and find out when her class ends.”


“Don’t say that I’m the one who wants to know.”

Cheng You said nothing. As his assistant, she was very busy. Why did she have to do it? However, she couldn’t turn the boss down. Two minutes later, she replied, “One elective lecture left. It’s about to begin.”

Li Sicheng nodded and leaned motionless against the back of his chair.

“So, I’ll ask Yang to pick her up?”


When Cheng You had just sent Yang the message, Li Sicheng changed his mind. “Forget it. I’ll go.”

Cheng You stared at him.

“Don’t tell her.”


Cheng You went out of the office, and Li Sicheng took care of all the files as slowly as possible. But it’s still only took him less than twenty minutes. He opened his drawer, wanting to put the documents away. In the drawer, he saw a black cell phone. It had been fixed for a while. But broken was broken. Li Sicheng did not intend to use something once broken. Putting the documents away, he locked the drawer and left the office.

Holding her backpack, Su Qianci went out of the campus and immediately saw the impressive black Maybach. She stopped walking and had an idea who was in the car. When Yang and Li Sicheng were both in the country, Yang would not drive this car. So it could only be him