The 99th Divorce Chapter 341

Chapter 341 You Meant To Give Me A Heart Attack

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Su Qianci felt like her heart was stabbed. She tightened her grip on the chopsticks, bowed her head, and started to eat.

Hearing Li Sicheng’s response, grandpa was infuriated. He slapped his chopsticks on the table and exclaimed, “What do you mean by forgetting? Are you that busy at work?”

Without saying anything, Li Sicheng continued to eat slowly, his posture elegant. That drove grandpa crazy. He looked at Su Qianci and asked, “Qianqian, has he been so insufferable these days?”

Insufferable Li Sicheng paused for a second.

Su Qianci put down her bowl and said, “No.”

“How is that possible?” Grandpa had seen through it and sighed.

“He’s busy at work, so it’s only natural that he’s forgotten,” Su Qianci explained quietly and calmly. She slowly got herself more food and continued to eat, as if she did not care.

Li Sicheng was the same way, calm as always. There was nothing Captain Li could do. Glaring at Li Sicheng, he stood up.

“Grandpa, dinner,” Li Sicheng called. However, his voice was so calm that he did not sound sincere.

Su Qianci put down her bowl and quickly said, “Grandpa, you must eat first. We can talk about it later, alright?”

Hearing that, Captain Li shot a glance at Li Sicheng. Noticing that Li Sicheng had no objection, he snorted and sat down again. He knew his grandson too well. As long as he did not say no, it meant there was still room for negotiation. It seemed that it was not all Li Sicheng’s fault. After taking a few bites, Captain Li said he was full.

Su Qianci accompanied Captain Li to the garden for a walk and returned to the house in less than twenty minutes. Li Sicheng was making a phone call sitting on the couch. It sounded like it was about business.

Captain Li sat silently aside, and Su Qianci was peeling an apple for him. However, when he finished the apple, Li Sicheng was still on the phone. Giving him a stare, Captain Li threw the apple core at his grandson as a warning.

Without ducking, Li Sicheng caught the apple core and threw it in the trash can. Cleaning his hands with a wipe, his tone did not change as he talked over the phone until he hung up in a couple of minutes.

“Stay at the old house tonight, Qianqian.” Captain Li sighed and said. Although he was talking to Su Qianci, he was glancing at Li Sicheng. “I don’t have too many days left. If I could spend more time with the younger generation, I would die a happy old man.”

“Grandpa” Su Qianci felt a bit sad. “You will live forever.”

“Even if I could, your fight has taken a decade away from me.”

Su Qianci was rendered speechless and glanced at Li Sicheng. Feeling her glance, Li Sicheng quickly looked away and said carelessly, “Then you should stay. I have something to do at the company. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Captain Li was so mad that he took an apple in front of him and threw it at Li Sicheng, barking, “You stay as well.”

Li Sicheng dodged it and said matter-of-factly, “I’m busy at work.”

“Get rid of it. Get rid of the company. Even without your company, I could support myself.” Captain Li picked up another apple and threw it at his grandson. “Or do you intentionally want to kill me by giving me a heart attack? Then no one would stand in your away, right? You ungrateful boy!”