The 99th Divorce Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Do You Hate Me

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The moment Su Qianci walked into the room, she smelled faint tobacco. Looking inside, she felt a chill as cold wind blew on her skin. The window was open, the white curtains fluttered, and it was dark outside. The moon was bright and the stars were scant. The trees danced in the wind. Standing in front of window, Li Sicheng was still wearing his suit. His elbow on the window frame, he had a cigarette between his fingers. The smoke was blown toward the room. Ashes were hanging long, almost falling.

Noticing someone had entered, Li Sicheng did not turn around. He slowly flicked the ashes into the ashtray and said in a deep and calm voice, “Do you hate me?”

The sudden question made Su Qianci’s heart thump. Like a planet hit by an asteroid.

Do you hate me

The short question reminded her of all her sadness and frustration. Gazing at his back, her eyes dimmed and then became wet.

How can I hate you You are Li Sicheng

Quickly drying her eyes, she pretended that she had heard nothing and went to search the closet. Although they had not been back in a while, Liu Sao had put their fall outfits into the closet for them so that they could come back anytime. She took out her nightgown and went into the bathroom since she could not help bursting into tears. She was not someone who liked to cry. Even when she was beaten that hard by those rich ladies, she only grit her teeth instead of crying. However, whenever it came to Li Sicheng, she could not stop her tears.

He had such a huge impact on her No matter in her last lifetime or this one, she could not be indifferent in front of him. Each time she saw him, her heart still raced. How could she hate someone like this?

Clearly noticing that she had walked away, Li Sicheng put out the cigarette, closed the window, and sat on the sofa next to the bed. After sitting in silence for a while, he heard someone knocking the door. He opened the door and saw Liu Sao.

“Mr. Li, this is the nutritional desert that Captain Li told me to bring to the Mrs. Could you give it to her later?”

Li Sicheng glanced at it and frowned. “It is not healthy to have something sweet so late.”

“It’s not for you anyway. Just give it to her. Grandpa specifically asked me to prepare it.”

“Okay.” Li Sicheng took it. “Got it.”

“You can have some as well. The taste is pretty good.” Liu Sao had a fishy smile on her face, glancing inside the door.

“She’s in the shower. You can leave it to me.”

“Here.” Liu Sao gave the tray to Li Sicheng and walked away after closing the door.

However, after Liu Sao left, she looked worried. Walking into the living room, she said to Captain Li, “Will it have the intended effect? What if he had the wrong idea”

“Don’t worry. They are husband and wife and should be able to make up soon.” Waving his hand, Captain Li gazed in the direction of Li Sicheng’s room, let out a sigh, and said, “I hope the boy can understand my effort. I have sacrificed my reputation for him”