The 99th Divorce Chapter 344

Chapter 344 An Urge To Ravish Him

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After Su Qianci got out of the shower, she had calmed herself down. Seeing Li Sicheng smoking on the sofa, she only glanced at him and sat on the bed while drying her hair.

“Grandpa asked Liu Sao to make you some nutritional desert. Drink it while it’s hot.” Li Sicheng then stood up and walked into the shower.

She looked at the bowl on the table. It was bird’s nest stew with rock candy and dates. Touching the bowl, she felt the temperature was right. She quickly drank it up and put the bowl back, thinking it was quite good. She turned the hairdryer on, which made her feel kind of hot. She put on her shoes and brought the bowl outside. Getting a glass of cold milk, she quickly finished it and went back to the bedroom.

However, when she was back in the bedroom, she felt even hotter and slightly uncomfortable. She opened the window and the cold wind was refreshing. After standing at the window for a while, she felt a bit dizzy and leaned against the wall. The water stopped running in the shower, and the door was soon opened. Without even turning around, Su Qianci could picture his nude body. The sexy tan, the well-toned body, and the organ under the white towel which was so thick and Geez What was she thinking?

Su Qianci covered her face, finding her cheeks were burning up. So hot She tugged her nightgown and whispered to herself, “The fabric is too thick”

Li Sicheng seemed to have heard that, gave her a glance, and continued to dry his hair with a towel. The wind was getting stronger, blowing the curtains up. Feeling a bit chilly, he put the towel down and said in a deep voice, “Close the window.”

However, Su Qianci stood motionless as if she had heard nothing. He frowned, walked past her without even looking at her, and closed the window.

Seeing his body with only a towel wrapped around his waist, Su Qianci felt her mouth had become dry. She stepped back and plunged herself into the bed, covering her face with a comforter.

Why, why

As soon she saw him, she had an urge to ravish him.

What the hell!

She did not know she could be so horny. Buried in the comforter, she felt a stronger heatwave. Her skin was flaming. As hot as she felt, she did not have a single drop of sweat. It was like she was having a fever.

“Hmmm” Su Qianci couldn’t help letting out a moan. Wriggling, she lifted the comforter and felt refreshed by the cool air. So, so hot! She secretly put down a leg and lifted her nightgown. The cold air on her leg made her feel better.

However, she caught a glimpse of Li Sicheng’s weird look. Shrinking back, Su Qianci put the comforter over her face again, not letting him see her. Seeing her like that, Li Sicheng paid her no attention and yanked his towel off. He slowly took a silk robe and put it on.

As soon as she saw his body, she couldn’t help clenching her legs and picturing him thrusting his dick into her”Ouch!” Su Qianci gasped as she fell hard onto the floor.