The 99th Divorce Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Cheeky Old Man

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Startled, Li Sicheng immediately ran toward her and yanked her up, which was when he found she was burning up. Covering her face, Su Qianci was so embarrassed that she could not even look at him. She fell onto the floor from the bed she felt she was so mortified that she was beyond rescue However, the moment she saw his firm chest and felt his cool skin, she couldn’t help nestling her head into his arms. She did that unconsciously, and when she realized what she had done, she was so close to him.

Wanting to move away, she was caught by Li Sicheng’s hand. He used his other hand to feel her forehead. It was burning! With his brows knitted, he blamed her, “You have a fever and you were standing in front of the window!” Then he lifted her up and put her on the bed.

Su Qianci felt even more dizzy. Grasping his robe, she managed to pull it down since the belt was not tied. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a long injury extending from the back of his arm to his back. The injury had scarred but had not recovered yet. The pink scar was particularly obvious on his bronze skin.

“You’re injured?” Su Qianci gasped and wanted to touch it.

Li Sicheng caught her hand, and his other hand wrapped up his robe. She couldn’t help looking down. The robe was pulled back by him but was still slouchy. Su Qianci could see the lines of his muscles. She felt her mouth was even drier. With a blush, she looked away and fanned herself with her hand. “So hot”

“Hot?” Li Sicheng frowned. “You have a fever, yet you feel hot?”

She did not say anything. Her eyes glazed over. Clenching her legs, she rubbed her smooth thighs together under her nightgown. As she moved, she couldn’t help gazing at him.


Li Sicheng could clearly read that in her eyes.

What the hell?

Li Sicheng moved away from her gaze, but she quickly stared at him again, pleading with her eyes. He looked down at her ace, his eyes cold and deep. Her cheeks were scarlet, and her eyes were glazed, full of erotic appeal.

Li Sicheng suddenly understood. He had thought that she was having a fever. However, the fact was that she was clearly aroused. But, why

With this epiphany, he thought of the bird’s nest dessert which must be the problem. However, Liu Sao said grandpa had asked her to prepare it Shocked, Li Sicheng cursed inwardly: Cheeky old man!

Seeing that he remained still, Su Qianci could not stand the heat and got up, grabbing the fabric of his robe. However, she quickly realized that she probably should not do that and released it. Hiding under the comforter, he doubled up. Knowing that she was not having a fever, Li Sicheng was no longer worried. He slowly turned off the light, unbelted his robe, and lay next to her motionless.