The 99th Divorce Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Sweetheart This Is Harassment

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Su Qianci felt even worse. He was so close to her under the comforter Why couldn’t he move even closer to her Feeling sullen, she pushed back the comforter and exposed herself in the cool air. However, in less than two minutes, she felt so tortured that she was about to cry, whimpering, “I can’t It’s so hot”

Li Sicheng glanced at her and said quietly, “If it’s hot, you should take your clothes off.”

She wanted to do that, but Could she do that in front of him? She was almost dying!

“I’m going to sleep and will not look at you,” he said and turned around with his back toward her.

She hesitated and got up to take off her nightgown. As she took it off, Li Sicheng could no longer be so calm. Resisting the urge to look at her, he could think of nothing but her body. She had nothing on

She had taken her nightgown off but still felt very, very hot. Her mouth dry, she wiggled and shuddered under the comforter.

Li Sicheng put on a careless look and let his hand fall on her body. She shivered and couldn’t help letting out a moan. Quickly aroused, he took back his hand. Gritting her teeth, she put up with her desire for a few minutes before she let out a small cry, “Mr. Li”


“I feel terrible”

“Well, that’s natural when you have a ‘fever.’ I’m sure you will feel better soon.”

Su Qianci did not speak any more. She huddled up and whimpered in a small voice.

Li Sicheng was about to be driven mad. He almost wanted to growl: What are you doing? Beg me! If you beg me, I’ll let you have it. However, she did not say a word. Although he was as hard as a rock, he was unwilling to go over.

In less than a minute, Su Qianci’s warm hand reached over.

Li Sicheng caught her hand and asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing?” Feeling bashful, she shrank back and turned around, facing him with her back. Li Sicheng cursed inwardly, but couldn’t help putting his hand on her back, asking seriously, “Where does it hurt?”

Su Qianci was shaking under his touch. She couldn’t help leaning closer to him. Indeed, she was wearing nothing Blood rushed to Li Sicheng’s head, making him feel dizzy.

He moved his hand down to her waist. “Here?”

Su Qianci moaned but quickly stopped herself. Pretending that he had heard nothing, Li Sicheng reached down to her lower belly. “Or here?”

She could no longer stand it and cried, “Don’t touch me”

For once, he obeyed and took his hand back. “All right. So, I’ll go to sleep then.” Then she really heard him flipping over.

Su Qianci wanted to slap herself. His touch was simply so good She even had goosebumps. Even more dizzy, she lost part of her consciousness and put her hands on his chest and back.

Very swollen, Li Sicheng resisted the urge to react.

She moved even more wildly and reached toward his erection

He quickly caught her hand, turned over to look at her seriously, and said, “Sweetheart, this is harassment.”