The 99th Divorce Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Off Putting

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“Su Qianci!” Li Sicheng bristled and clapped her jaw with his fingers. “Don’t even mention the contract! I will tear it apart right away.”

“Indeed, you should’ve done it earlier,” Su Qianci said sarcastically. “It also says that we should keep our distance. Look at us We have breached the contract for a while now.”

“It should never have been made.” He regretted signing the contract in the first place. Gazing at her deeply, he said resolutely, “Forget about the contract. We will tear it apart and start over.”

“You’re free to do that. Yours is just a copy anyway. Uncle Sheng Ximing has the original.”

Tightening his grip on her jaw as if he wanted to crush it, he said in a deep voice, “then we will ask to have it back.”

“No, Li Sicheng.” She gazed at him, put her arms around his neck, leaned close to him, and whispered, “Isn’t this what you want? When the term of the contract is up, Tang Mengying’s baby should have been born already. At that time, it will be the same to you with or without me, right?”

Tang Mengying! Tang Mengying again!

Su Qianci yanked her head up and sucked on his Adam’s apple. Li Sicheng froze. Tightening his arms, he breathed hastily. Her soft hand moved down slowly. She said in a sensual tone, “We are still legally married now. Since Tang Mengying is pregnant, we should use the time to enjoy ourselves, right?”

His arousal immediately disappeared. Grabbing her hand, he grit his teeth. “Don’t mention that off-putting name.”

The name was off-putting to her as well. Extremely so.

“Why are you pretending? You love this, don’t you?” She wiggled and wrapped her legs around his waist. She asked in a sarcastic tone, “Or, is it because you feel guilty for lying in another woman’s bed when she is pregnant with your baby?”

Noticing her provocation, he sneered. She felt a bit frightened and stopped her seduction. She tried to take her hand back, but he pinned it down. He bowed his head and bit her collarbone.

Su Qianci sucked in some cold air and cried, “It hurts!” However, Li Sicheng did not mean to stop, but bit her harder. “What are you doing?” Su Qianci was about to burst into tears. “Is your zodiac sign dog? Get off me.”

“I’m trying to wake you up!” He panted and said. Then he quickly got out of the bed. She saw him opening the closet naked and taking something out of the lowest drawer. Soon, he stood up and threw two red booklets at her.

Marriage certificates.

Li Sicheng opened a booklet and turned Su Qianci’s face, forcing her to look at the photo on the marriage certificate. He was so rough that he was hurting her. She wanted to dodge. However, he would not let her, and put the marriage certificate in front of her face, growling, “Look at this. You, Su Qianci, are on this photo. Not that Tang girl.”

Her face was hurting and she was about to cry. However, she grit her teeth and did not say a thing.

“Don’t try to push me to another woman. I said that she has nothing to do with me. She’s due March next year. Give me some more time, will you?”

When the baby was born, everything would become clear.