The 99th Divorce Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Lets Start Over Shall We?

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Hearing that, Su Qianci looked away and did not speak. Her eyes wet, she resisted the urge to cry.

Li Sicheng looked at her deeply, released her, and said, “Do you still remember that you owed me something last night? Now I have something in mind.”

She finally looked at him.

“I want to void the divorce contract.”

Void That word was ringing in her head. If they voided the contract at this time, didn’t mean that they would not have to divorce? Didn’t that mean that she could continue to be his wife?

He saw that she was moved. Indeed, she did not want a divorce either, right? He suddenly thought of her look when they just got married. Her love for him, her complicated emotions and her fear were all crystal-clear. What had happened? Now she looked at him with mockery, contempt, and dim hatred. When her love disappeared, Li Sicheng felt at a loss. He still had no idea what he had done wrong. However, he did not want to let her go or have a divorce

Covering her face with his rough hand, he brushed her skin with his thumb and whispered, “Let’s void the contract and start over, shall we?”

He meant it. His look was so pure that her heart thumped. However, could she do this?


Su Qianci rubbed her eyes and sneered at Li Sicheng, “You really think I’m that dumb?”

The divorce contract was the only thing that was giving her the initiative. If she lost this only chip, she would be faced with endless torture What if he wanted an immediate divorce by tricking her into voiding the contract? She knew very well how wicked this man could be. She would never trust him again.


Hearing that, Li Sicheng held her face tight. He had never tried so hard to please a woman. He acted so humble just to get her mockery? His eyes dimmed. Flames of humiliation burned. “Su Qianci!” He squeezed the words from his teeth.

Her heart trembling, Su Qianci shrank. She braced herself to look at him carelessly and snorted, “You’re mad?”

Li Sicheng was squeezing her face rather than brushing now, making her cringe.

“I really want to choke you to death,” Li Sicheng said, gritting his teeth. Choke her to death and make her disappear. But he would never have the heart to do it.

Su Qianci gritted her teeth and looked at him anxiously. Li Sicheng screwed his eyes shut and pushed her away. Throwing the red booklets on the floor, he got out of bed and walked into the shower. Hearing the water running, she collapsed on the bed, letting out a sigh of relief. The one thing that scared her the most was his anger. In both lifetimes. Fortunately, she survived this one