The 99th Divorce Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Living Hell

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A ring of teeth marks was imprinted on her collarbone. Su Qianci touched it and felt the sting. He bit her hard After showering, she found a turtleneck pullover and a pair of pants. Putting her hair into a ponytail, she walked out at 11 AM. Immediately, she saw Li Sicheng walking out of grandpa’s room.

Seeing Su Qianci’s refreshing look, Li Sicheng gazed at her for a second before he quickly walked toward the gate. She stopped as he brushed past her, feeling extraordinarily calm.

When he left the living room, his phone rang. She noticed that he seemed to have a new phone. This was not the model he used to have. He answered the call and slowly walked out. She took her hand back and followed him at a distance. For whatever was said over the phone, Li Sicheng seemed to be in a weird mood. He said, “Make sure you keep it safe.” He immediately drove away, not meaning to take Su Qianci at all.

Su Qianci did not want to get a ride from him either, so she hailed a taxi on the street and told the driver the address of Song Yifan. However, she still felt something was wrong.

What was he trying to keep safe? Tang Mengying’s baby?

Su Qianci’s heart was wrenched. With some thought, she eventually told the driver, “Sir, please drive me to Jiang Zhou.”

The driver looked a bit impatient. “Why didn’t you say it earlier? Now we are in the completely opposite direction.” Although he was complaining, he still turned the car around and drove toward the neighborhood in Jiang Zhou.

When they approached the house, Su Qianci immediately saw the low-key but luxury black Maybach. Although she had expected it, she was still disappointed. Her last hope had disappeared. The reality had taught her a lesson by slapping her in the face. It must be fun to lie to her. Su Qianci’s eyes became cold. And so did her heart. “Let’s go to the Zephyr Pavilion now.”

Laurel panicked. No one had expected that Tang Mengying would hit the wall with her belly. The incident had kept two score of staff members busy. However, Laurel was someone who had been through a lot. In Star City, worse things had happened. She sent Tang Mengying back to her room and called the doctor in an organized manner before she called Li Sicheng.

Tang Mengying had thought that they would at least send her to a hospital. In that case, she could naturally get rid of the baby and tell people that she was imprisoned. However, she had no idea that Li Sicheng was so “thoughtful” that he had kept several doctors at “home.” And there was even an emergency room in the house. Looking at the dozen pairs of eyes staring at her, she felt she was about to be driven crazy. For half a month, she had no freedom at all. Someone was always looking at her when she was in the bathroom or taking a shower or eating. She did not even have the freedom a prisoner had.

Except for Laurel, everyone else was dumb. No one spoke to her, and she could not make a phone call. The location was so remote that Tang Mengying had no way to contact anyone. Everyone was celebrating the fact that the baby was safe. However, to Tang Mengying, it was the worst news.

This was a living hell