The 99th Divorce Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Inconvenient

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Since Su Qianci left the old house, she had kept herself busy by being focused on study and work. Lu Yihan was better and better at doing business. In just over a month, he had released the software “Qian Joy,” which then enjoyed a great number of downloads end users. As a shareholder, Su Qianci got a decent cut.

As it became colder, she was wearing thicker clothes. This day was winter solstice, a festival for family reunion. Song Yifan was still in London and could not come back to the country to spend the day with her. The old house had called her in advance, inviting her to go back for the festival. The rain was pouring down, making the winter solstice a wet one. Driving her newly purchased white sedan, Su Qianci was trapped in the traffic jam. It was past 2 PM. She did not know what had happened on the street. She could not move at all.

The honks were ringing, disturbing her mind. Su Qianci’s phone rang. The call was from the old house. She picked up. “Hello.”

“Are you almost here?”

“Not yet. It’s winter solstice, so the traffic is heavy.”

She glanced at the dark clouds. The rain was still pouring.

“I see. Are you with Mr. Li? Captain Li said he wanted to have the kind of meat that Mr. Li had once purchased.”

“What meat?”

“I have no idea. Captain Li did not know its name either. It’s pretty good though. I’m sure Mr. Li knows about it. Could you call him and ask?”

Her making the phone call? Su Qianci pursed her lips and said, “Liu Sao, would you call him? It’s not really convenient for me.”

“I have tried, but I couldn’t reach him. I’m also in a mess right now. Captain Li is playing a game with Mr. Li Xiao, and I need to clean up.” Someone seemed to be calling Liu Sao’s name. Liu Sao said, “Coming!” And then she told Su Qianci, “Would you do this favor for me? If not, I will call him later. I’m just worried that Captain Li might be impatient”

“All right,” Su Qianci replied. “You go ahead, and I’ll call him.”

“Thanks so much. Remember to come back early. The entire family is here.”

“Will do.”

When Su Qianci hung up, she was still stuck in the traffic. Looking through her contacts, she found that his number was gone. She did not even need to think before dialing the number. When the call was being made, she realized that she had typed the number out. It was the number that she had remembered for two lifetimes.

The line was busy. The traffic eventually started to move. Su Qianci started the car and called Cheng You. Cheng You quickly answered. Su Qianci then learned that she had gone back to her hometown for the festival.

“It’s a little past three, so he must be at work. I think you could look for him in his office.”

“Okay Thank you.”

“Mr. Li must be overjoyed if he sees you at work.”

Su Qianci curled her lips and said with self-mockery, “Really?”

“Of course. You have no idea. He is in a terrible mood these days and works overtime every day. None of us dare to make any noise in case he gets mad. That’s why I used my days off and came home for the festival.”

It sounded that he was having a bad time. Was it because of her? If he saw her, would he feel even worse?