The 99th Divorce Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Be Aware Of Your Image

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Li Sicheng’s cold face cracked. “You have any?”

Su Qianci’s face was flushed. Her hands on her private part, she stood up in pain and said, “Why didn’t you knock? It hurts!”

Li Sicheng couldn’t help glancing at her posture. He said calmly, “This is my office.”

She was rendered speechless. Noticing his glanced, she immediately turned around and gave it a rub under her coat.

Feeling awkward, Li Sicheng said in a deep voice, “be aware of your image.” Then he closed the door and sat down at his desk. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you,” she said matter-of-factly. But she quickly realized what she had said and whispered, “Grandpa said he wanted to eat that kind of meat you brought him last time. I called you, but it didn’t go through. Liu Sao asked me to tell you that.”

He glanced at his cell phone on the desk. More than thirty unanswered calls. Most of them were about business, but three of them were from the old house and her. He took up the phone and answered, “Got it.”

His indifference let Su Qianci down a little. She stood up straight and found it did not hurt that much. Taking her bag on the sofa, she said, “then I’ll leave now.”

“Sit down.” Li Sicheng did not even look up. “We can go together.”

“It’s okay. I drove here.”

However, Li Sicheng had already walked over and pushed her down. She wanted to say something, when she saw him gesturing her to hush. Then, he answered the call in fluent English. So busy. He needed to call people back even after the meeting. She wanted to get up but was held down by him. Her heart raced a little. Did he want to make her stay?

With that thought, she felt a bit anxious. Sitting on the sofa, she pretended to be calm. It took him more than fifteen minutes to make the phone call.

She asked him, “Why wouldn’t you let me go?”

Gazing at her deeply, Li Sicheng said in a cold tone, “It’s a holiday, and we should try to cheer grandpa up.”

Su Qianci felt sour and disappointed, as if her heart was drenched in vinegar. “I see.” That was why Indeed, grandpa hated to see them fighting. Su Qianci was sure that grandpa knew the two of them had been in a fight for more than a month. She suddenly thought of a ridiculous possibility: did grandpa arrange for this to happen?

Glancing at her with his deep eyes, Li Sicheng took her bag and said, “Let’s go.”

He quickly walked out at the door, and Su Qianci followed him. Noticing the admiring look on the secretaries’ face, she slowed down.

Would he be mad?

In her previous lifetime, he had hated it when she walked beside him. Under this situation On that thought, she slowed down, keeping her distance from him. He pressed the elevator button, looked to the side, and found she was not behind him. When he glanced back, he saw her hesitation.

Arching an eyebrow, Li Sicheng asked in a displeased tone, “Shall I carry you here?”

The secretaries went in an uproar. Su Qianci immediately blushed, quickly trotted to him in heels, and entered the elevator. Before the elevator doors closed, she heard someone say, “They are so great together”