The 99th Divorce Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Plan B Is Effective For Forty-Eight Hours


She was naked. Covering her breasts, she then quickly tried to cover her private part with another hand. Su Qianci was embarrassed and mad at the same time. Feeling his gaze, Su Qianci cried and turned around, facing him with her back.

"What are you trying to cover?" Li Sicheng's voice was incredibly hoarse, "I have seen whatever there is."

His words made her blush even more.

"You initiated it last night, and you are now trying to play hard to get. Huh?"

Su Qianci's nails dug into her skin as she clenched her fists. "I did not!"

"You did not?" Li Sicheng was obviously incredulous.

His tone and his look clearly indicated that he was still that arrogant person. He thought of himself as a god, controlling everything indifferently. However, only toward her, he was so mean and contemptuous!

Feeling better, Su Qianci suddenly looked back, her eyes red, "You are the one who peeped at me in my shower. Mr. Li, don't you think that you are being shameless?"

"Peep?" Li Sicheng walked inside, took her arm, his dark pupils full of contempt. "Did you not try to lure me inside and then to your bed? What are you trying to pretend?"

"I did not"

She did not mean to do that, but there was no way Li Sicheng would believe her. He picked her up abruptly. Su Qianci cried out. Before she had any time to react, she was thrown onto the only bed in the room.

He approached her with a cold smile, "Do you remember what I said this morning?"

This morning

"Do you know what a lawful wife means? A lawful f**ktoy."

Lawful f**ktoy!

Su Qianci's heart trembled. Sadness was overwhelming. Struggling with her arm and legs, she growled with her eyes bloodshot, "Do not touch me, Li Sicheng!"

"Stop acting. This will only disgust me."

His sarcasm was like a dagger, piercing Su Qianci's heart. She could no longer hold back her tears, struggling harder. Looking up, Su Qianci suddenly sneered in an incredibly low voice, "Then don't you feel disgusted f**king a woman like me?"

Li Sicheng paused and looked down.

"A woman like me does not deserve to have your baby. Isn't that right?"

That was what he had said with his own voice! However, Li Sicheng chuckled and held her legs down, parting her knees with his.

"The pill you took is effective for forty-eight hours. In forty-eight hours, I will not impregnate you most likely. Would you like to try?"

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide. How did he know that she took the pill?

Li Sicheng approached her. It was less than half an inch between their noses. Her eyelashes fluttered, looking extremely shocked. Li Sicheng lowered his voice and said, "You are responsible to take care of what you have started."

Su Qianci wanted to say something but was stopped before she could. He was brutal and rough, taking what he wanted ruthlessly. He was kissing her. However, it was not about affection, or love, only lust, and that was it