The 99th Divorce Chapter 366

Chapter 366 He Was Not Blind

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“Someone else is there. Who is it?” a reporter shouted. Then everyone gazed at the back seat of the luxury car and saw that a soft, white hand was holding Li Sicheng’s hand, followed by a pair of mint green heels and the bottom of a green skirt. The girl was wearing an ecru cashmere coat as well. Her black hair was put up into a ponytail. Because of the heat in the car, her face was a bit red. With a closer look, people found that her skin was flawless. Her delicate features were very familiar to the reporters.

“Mrs. Li!”

“Mrs. Li for real. Hi, Mrs. Li, I heard that Mr. Li has a mistress. Do you know about it?”

“At the press conference, Mrs. Tang claimed that she was pregnant with Mr. Li’s baby. Now we learn that he has a mistress. Do you know about it?”

“Mrs. Li”

People were taking photos from every angle. Su Qianci frowned and held Li Sicheng’s arm. She gathered her coat and said calmly, “He’s not blind.”

That sentence turned everyone silent.

Li Sicheng’s cold eyes were even softer as he whispered, “Let’s go.”

She nodded and followed him into the building. Surrounded by envious looks, she was taken to the top floor. He words had given rise to an uproar on the Internet. Her Weibo account had a couple million more followers, close to the most popular bloggers. The news that Tang Zhenghao made up to slander Li Sicheng and his company were quickly washed away.

In the CEO office of Tang Zhenghao’s firm, he bristled as he put down a bunch of files. “Son of a bitch!” On the previous night, he had paid people to leak the information of Li Sicheng’s mistress being kept in a separate house to the influencers. However, Su Qianci’s words ruined all his effort and investment.

Tang Zhenghao’s young secretary pushed her glasses back up on her nose and said, “Li Sicheng has also worked on the influencers. That hacker Z is hired by Li Sicheng, so it is expected that we would lose to him on the Internet.”

Well aware of that, Tang Zhenghao still felt the truth was hard to swallow. Gritting his teeth, he said, “go get two private investigators and ask them to follow him twenty-four seven. Also, get that top paparazzi for me. I don’t believe my daughter is nowhere to be found.”

The secretary nodded. “Will do.”

“Get some hackers to hack his cell phone and computers. I believe there must be some clues.”


“Also, find someone for me. He is quite close to my daughter and very capable. His name is Rong Rui.”


“I don’t believe Li Sicheng is a god.” Tang Zhenghao sneered. “Remember to leave no trace.”

“Okay. I will find trustworthy people for the job.” The secretary jotted down her notes and then looked up. “Boss, it’s about time we meet Shengfeng. They just called me but the contract has changed.”

“Changed how?”

“They increased their order by five times.”

Tang Zhenghao’s eyes lit up. “Really? That’s a lot of trust on their end.”

The secretary nodded and looked hesitant. “However, the liquidated damages has also increased by five times.”